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Re: Closed minds
By:Sajid Patel - UK
Date: Tuesday, 18 June 2019, 6:55 am
In Response To: Closed minds (Muhammad Rafi UK)

100% agree brother. I do not understand when we believe in 1 creator, 1 holy book then why translation, understanding and preaching are different? Why are we blind followers not open our eyes and have courage to question if we do not agree to a religious leader? Or are we just following a religion of convenience?? If we find it easy and convenient we believe what ever said to us and if it does not, or someone question our belief we demine them?? Let us start from bottom of chain because people on top are too worried blabout their position. The change wont come in Islam from top religious leader it will have to come from every house hold, when parents will teach their children unity, one god and stop children getting brainwashed from Madrasa that our sect is better than theirs.
Parents have to tell kids that mosques are place of worship and not to divide people in Sunnis or Wahabis etc.

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