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Closed minds
By:Muhammad Rafi UK
Date: Monday, 17 June 2019, 8:48 am

Afghanistan= Destroyed
Iraq= Destroyed
Pakistan= Trying their best to destroy
Somalia= Destroyed
Syria= Destroyed
Yemen= Destroyed
Egypt= on the verge of destruction
Iran= Ready to be destroyed
Qatar= Ready to be Destroyed

Number of Muslims killed in the last 20 years= More than 2 million

Number of Muslim Refugees= 59.9 million

Number of illiterates in the Muslim world= 43 percent of about 2 billion

Number of people living below the poverty line=60 percent

With their destruction, millions of dream destroyed, millions of lives were shattered, and millions lost the will to live.

*And the debates among Muslim scholars and communities are:*

The right of triple talaq of Muslim men

Should moon be actually sighted or can we trust Allah's system of the lunar cycle?

Can a woman lead the prayer?

Can non-Muslims be allowed to visit mosques?

Can a copy of the Quran be given to non Muslims

Can a menstruating woman visit the masjid and sit inside the masjid

How much hair a Muslim woman can show when wearing the hijab?

How many dates one should eat during iftar

Can eight rakas of taraweeh be preferred over 20 rakas.

How to declare Shias Kafir

How to declare Sunnis kafir

How to declare anyone who does not agree with my interpretation of Islam as a deviant?

How to put down those who disagree with me?

What is the status of those who who do not know how to recite the Quran with proper tajwed?

How many items were served on the iftar party

How big the iftar parties are in the Muslim world.

*IT'S A SHAME ON OUR muslim LEADERS & religious SCHOLARS and educated muslims


What have the muslim Leaders & religious scholars and educated muslims done to Sit Down & Iron out the differences amongst all of us..!! Why can't they put aside their *Pride - For Allah's Sake, and clearly see that the differences were, have & continue to be Mischief from Iblis, The West & The Zionists to create Jealousy, Pride & Fitna so that MUSLIM'S stay divided*

*Oh People, wake up*

This is ALL a plot by the Western World & the Zionists to *"DIVIDE & RULE"*


*WAKE UP Oh Muslim, One Muslim, One Ummah*
Pls share this as much as possible . Its sadka e jaariya. You will in sha allah earn rewards even after you are gone.

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