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Pakistan's Mandela
By:Muhammad Rafi UK
Date: Tuesday, 11 June 2019, 2:36 pm

Pakistan's "Mandela": Back Where he Belongs....Saeed A. Malik.

The leadership of Pakistan's two largest political herds have competed with each other in fields other than daylight plunder of the resources of the state. One of these fields is that of fulsome naked dripping sycophancy, from which anyone with even a shred of modesty will recoil in horror.
The current record of this is held by Mariam Aurangzeb when she so worshipfully declared that Nawaz Sharif was not the name of a person, but that of an intoxication.
I wondered then if this woman had any children. And that if she did, how she could ever look them in the eyes again. And if she had a husband, did he ever dare ask her where it was that she had tasted of this blissful "intoxication" to have become such an expert on the subject !
Be that as it may, the previous record of this ignominy was held by some PPP genius who gave Nelson Mandela's name to Zardari for having spent time in jail.
Those who had never heard about Mandela would have been justified in concluding that he must be someone occupying the pride of place in the international gallery of rogues, thieves. and blackguards.
Mandela spent 27 years in jail for having fought against one of the most oppressive and dehumanizing regimes in fairly recent history. And six days of every week of his incarceration were spent wielding a large hammer to break stones in a quarry.
Asif Zardari was put behind bars on charges of theft of the national treasury. He spent considerably less than half of Mandela's time in jail where he had a whale of a time. He was separated who his wife who, apart from certain routine gestures or words that sit well with hypocrisy, had come to loathe him; his slavish courtiers kept him well supplied with alcoholic beverages of choice; his quarters provided him 5-star comfort; and pretty ladies having a PPP affiliation tripped over each other to feed on the choicest morsels.
Unfortunately, one of them got impregnated in the process, which drew Benazir's wrath. This could not be allowed to go unpunished. Being the very incarnation of justice, she held the woman guilty and as punishment, arranged for her to be gang raped on 27 Nov 1991. And then, amid the most copious stream of crocodile tears began a "nation wide" campaign of crocodile tears to bring "justice" to the ravaged woman!
And just in case anyone has forgotten, this is the actual tale of one part of our suppurating leadership, which has brought us to our present state of wretchedness and tears.
So what happens now? If the government has the will, and a trifle more imagination than that of a demented child, it could do a lot towards retrieving the nation's sold fortune, and mending its future..
Quite fortuitously the sentencing of Gen Javed Iqbal and company have created space and flung open the doors for a thorough going accountability which will cause pain where it needs to be caused. And if this happens, Pakistan stands to retrieve much that was stolen from it.
The Government, the Judges, and the Generals must first get total clarity on the central issue confronting Pakistan i.e that unless the situation can be turned around to a point where the rule of law is rehabilitated, the country will not survive because the forces of darkness will organize themselves to take down Pakistan. Thus there is no option for the country but to first ensure that the comfort of immunity is firmly and ruthlessly eliminated from the range of expectations of the elite who have taken the state to bankruptcy.
Once this is decided, all the rest will flow quite logically from this this:
--the thieves from among the elite will receive treatment in jail, which will be no different from that meted out to a thief who steals to allay the hunger of his kids.
--thus all that have plundered the national treasury, will be given C class in jail, because this crime will be defined as one involving moral turpitude, and no discrimination will be allowed in the treatment of criminals based on gender. All over the world where a rabid bitch bites a citizen, she gets the same treatment, as does a rabid dog.
-- Designate one jail in the Punjab to house the glitterati of Pakistan's criminal networks, to make certain that the concerned Superintendent of Jail applies the rules of the Jail Manual uniformly without fear or favour to all the jail birds. This officer should be subjected to strict monitoring.
--Under no circumstances should one of these criminal heavy weights be put in a lock up in Sindh. More crime gets planned there than in any other place.
--Hone in on the judges who have routinely given relief to arch criminals over the past many years. They will be very easy to identify because their judgments speak for them. An excellent marker for this would be the Hudaibya case. Go to its core and branch out. Do this with commitment, and in a week you will have the most putrid part of the judiciary marked out.
--Put every suspect on ECL and make it water tight. And in case a venal judge wants to give relief to a criminal, his injunction should be treated by the government with the same disdain as Justice Marshall's ruling on the case of the Cherokees was treated by President Andrew Jackson.
--Do away with this crass joke of "production orders". Reverse their course so that you have criminals trooped out of houses of Parliament to jail where they rightfully belong, rather than the other way around.
--And first and foremost fix NAB, and do away with this fiction of NAB being autonomous. Except for Gen Amjad's year as Chairman, it never was, and will never be. Most fortuitously, once again, with Chairman NAB leaving enough prima facie evidence of his attempt to get into the skirts of a plaintiff, he has created enough grounds to be amenably "cajoled." And begin the clean up of NAB, by bringing to trial Ch Qamar Zaman, that arch rascal who white washed and made kosher more crime than the devil himself.
These are not sequential measures, but can be thought out and implemented simultaneously. If the right people can be picked out to execute these measures, the results will be stunning. A huge amount of stolen state assets will be surrendered, and fear of crossing the law will become reality once again.
But begin somewhere for heaven's sake. This is not rocket science. The core of this plan lies in treating a criminal like a criminal instead of mollycoddling him. Feed him what the underprivileged thief eats-the same roti rich with dust; and let him sleep on the same thin mattress, and have him covered by the jail's supply of lice infested blankets that the poor man endures; and last but not the least, take away his commode and and let him empty himself out, sitting on his lovely haunches, so that he may smell his essence and hopefully, come to the conclusion that perhaps, he is not quite the gift of God to humanity, which his courtiers had brought him to believe he was!
Supply these comforts of life to Nawaz Sharif and Zardari and their extended tribe of cohorts, and wait for just one week, and strange things will start happening. These guys will begin expelling gold from their insides. It will smell, but they can be tasked to wash it out before it is returned to state coffers.
Yes every stolen cent can be brought back without resort to verbal abuse or torture, but just by implementing the rules spelled out in the Jail manual. If this can bring the money back, and improve Pakistan's dire financial straits, why should this not be done?
P.S Does anyone have even the slightest doubt that this tariff war initiated by the U.S against China, is economic war to bring China to heel, so that China can never be a threat to the dominance of the U.S?
Pakistan too has been a target of economic war. But the novelty in our case was that leaders sworn to defend the cause of Pakistan, were in the forefront of leading the war against Pakistan. Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif were the lead enemy generals in this effort. And they delivered to their masters. They brought Pakistan to its knees, for someone else to deliver the coup de grace.
The criminality of Zardari and Nawaz Sharif is well known. Not taking due cognizance of their criminality and meting out due punishment to them will constitute a betrayal of Pakistan, which few other crimes against the state shall be able to match.

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