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Let us be Muslims like Prophet Mohammad
By:Asif Amin Farooqui, EU
Date: Friday, 7 June 2019, 9:37 pm

Bismillah hirrahmaan nirraheem

I dont know, how to even help you brother who wrote this article.
But I love Pakistan , although I dont live in Pakistan. I live in a country called Islamistan. This is a country where everybody is knowledgeable about their responsibilities towards, self, family, community and society. Everybody loves and respects each other, Their is no injustice, Their is no greed and hate .
There are no political parties and no rich or poor people spiritually speaking.

Would you like to visit this place? Its in your heart and my heart and the Quran calls it Qalbe Saleem. Or Nafse Mutmainnah.

There are 3 relationships we must address first in Life.

1. Relationship with Allah swt.
2. Relationship with Self
3. Relationship with rest of Humanity.

Know that if Relation with Allah swt has not become strong, all other relationships will suffer issues, conflicts and problems that will make us susceptible to listening and responding to little topics or will keep us focussed on a portion of the BIG PICTURE OF ISLAM.

So I ask all of you, What is the Big Picture of Islam? From your experience, background and understanding of deen. ?

I will tell you mine.
We are all brothers in Islam. We love each other. We are all being Tested. We all love Allah swt and Prophet Mohammad, Quran and Hadees. We all have good intentions. We must and do speak to each other in the best muhazzib way, as the Quran commands us, Qoolu Linnase Husana. We are in the month of Ramadan and May Allah accept our fasts and let us enjoy Eid, It may be our last. Let each day be our last so we focus on our Aaakhirah, our wasiyyat and our loved ones and seek forgiveness from each other look each other with the look of divine mercy and love.

Islamistan exists where ever we go, its just like our mobile device, but the wifi is connected with Allah swt.

I hope this brings peace and comfort to all.as Muslims one of the goals is to achieve peace and impart peace and then to establish peace with justice of Prophet Mohammad s.a.w intellect, guidance and team of companions that he lived, guided and prepared for badr.

Only one man can cause change over a period of time, if he has time and resources and understands the inner core to outer core of Quran and same for Hadees. And trusts that there are people of Allah who can guide people to self introspection and correction and then correcting the society, it will and it can happen but not at our speed or expectation. Allah swt has a plan and timing and all things follow Allah's plans finally.

Baseem Syed