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Eid ul Fitr
By:Engr Awais Durrani islamabad
Date: Thursday, 6 June 2019, 7:15 am

Al-eedu with roots --Ain-W-D =-the era or time when happiness & joy returns .while Eid ul Fitr means such happiness & bliss which has not been experienced in previous span of life .Quran has mentioned no other Eid except this one .One when Isa (AS) establish Dining Table for his community based on Quranic Injections known as Rabubiyyah & every messenger established this Maidatun min us sama’a ‘ie Nizam e Rabubiyyah in his times though on miniature scale .This is why Quran has declared the revelation of Quran equipped with such a matchless system of sustenance as “The Day of Rejoicing “ The Day of Eid in entirely newest shape “ Quran declares this era as ERA OF EID .10/57-58-- O mankind ! Now this Quran has come to you from your Rabb which is healing for all kinds of psychological illnesses , Guidance & actualization of your real self step by step for those who accept these directives from the core of their hearts .
O Rasool ! it is only through the Rehmat of Your Sustainer that you have received .You should , therefore ,REJOICE over this great occasion .This is more precious to you than all the wealth you may amass .So Eid ul Fitr is that great occasion when such a matchless system of Rabubiyyah was ordained to liberate humanity from all kinds of slavery & grant them independence from all kinds of needs .
This is further validated from the Dua”a of Isa (AS ) 5/112 -(without the establishment of this system of Rabubiyyah , humanity is degraded since masses are generally compelled out of necessity to barted their self-respect for livelihood & bread & the companions of Jesus also wanted to get rid of this man-made exploitative system & wanted Rizq e Kareem ie sustenance based upon Directives of Divinely-ordained ) so the comrades said “ is not possible for your Rabb to send down to us a tray of food from above ie to guide us for system of Rabubiyyah free from man’s exploitation ? Jesus replied “ it is possible , provided you have trust in this manifesto & act upon His Directives to translate it in the society .
5/113 - They said : If this is done , we will be satisfied & will bear witness that your statement has been translated into the reality.--5/114--Jesus son of Marry said to Allah “Help us to establish such a system of Rabubiyyah if translated into a concrete system , will be a means of Rejoicing or EID for us being pioneers & for those as well , who would come after us provided they continue to uphold this system .This would be a pragmatic evidence regarding the truthfulness of your law .O Allah ! Guide us with Directives to establish our sustenance on those Directives as your law for Rabubiyyah is far better than these man-made laws .
5/115 -Allah replied “ I will definitely help you in establishing this system but beware that whosoever amongst you turns away from this system , will receive a punishment such as not given to any one else in the world.