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The Homeopathy Scam
By:Richard Dawkins Foundation
Date: Wednesday, 5 June 2019, 9:39 pm

The Center for Inquiry’s lawsuit against Walmart over their deceptive marketing of homeopathic products has won even more attention in the media, so be sure to listen to our own Nick Little talk about the case on NPR.

Robyn E. Blumner
President & CEO, Center for Inquiry
Executive Director, Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science

Atheists: They’re Just Like Us!

A study by several U.K. universities to better understand atheists around the world, funded by the pro-religion Templeton Foundation and reported to the Vatican, turns out to offer some genuine insights about nonbelievers in several countries. Among its findings, the report dispels stereotypes about atheists and their views on meaning and moral values, and shows that relatively few nonbelievers identify with the word atheist, which suggests atheists may be significantly undercounted. For example, 28 percent of atheists and agnostics in Denmark identify as Christians! Read the full report in PDF format here.