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Toronto’s Al Quds Day Rally
By:Samia Ikram, Toronto
Date: Monday, 3 June 2019, 11:28 pm

Over 3,000 Jews, Christians, Muslims and others attended
Toronto’s Al Quds Day rally for Palestine on June 1, 2019.

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The protesters expressed their solidarity with the 7.2 million refugees who
have been forced out of their homes by the Zionist settlers,
who claim they have a religious right to the land.

The attendees also expressed their dismay at the incarceration of
over 800,000 and the massacre of over 9,000 Palestinians,
including over 2,000 children.

Speakers at the rally strongly condemned the war crimes committed by
the Israeli army and called for the boycott of Israel, demanding strict
sanctions against the Zionist regime.

The representative gathering of Canadians also demanded that
Israeli leaders be tried in the international court for their war crimes and
that the criminal occupation of the land of indigenous Palestinians by
radical settlers should end immediately.

Protesters also called for and urged people of conscience to be the
voice for Palestinians and other oppressed peoples, regardless of
their ethnicity, religion or race.

The attempts by pro-Israel politicians and lobby groups to stop
the Al Quds rally failed spectacularly again this year.
Jewish persons attending the rally strongly condemned the
unsuccessful efforts by these individuals and organizations to label
condemnation of Israeli war crimes as anti-Semitism and vowed to
never let the racist ideology of Zionism represent the beautiful faith of Judaism.
The attendees of the rally expressed their conviction that the Israeli defense forces,
settlers who are occupying land and their dishonest lobby groups in various
countries do not represent the faith of Judaism or the Jewish people.



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