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By:M. Asghar, Bangladesh
Date: Monday, 3 June 2019, 10:01 pm

Madrasas in Bangladesh Introduce Sex Education As Other Countries of Asia Still Shy Away From the Subject
(By S. Arshad, New Age Islam)

The Quran and Hadiths deal with sexual issues and the students and teachers of madrasas are aware of the injunctions of the Quran and Hadith on the subject. That’s why madrasas did not resist the project. In fact, the religious atmosphere of madrasas will be better for sex education as the students and teachers will not cross the line while discussing the subject….

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Modi Reaches out to India’s Minorities: His Conciliatory Victory Speech Will Need to Be Backed by Action
(By Ronojoy Sen)

One of the failings of Modi’s first term had been its tardy record in curbing acts of religious intolerance and violence. Modi’s first term had also empowered fringe Hindu groups and anti-minority voices....

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PM Modi’s Mandate May Help Solve J&K Conflict: Mirwaiz Umar Farooq
(By New Age Islam News Bureau)

‘No Proof That Easter Bombers Visited India’: Sri Lanka President

Tackling Islamophobia Focal Point of PM Imran's Maiden Speech At OIC

N-Deterrence Helped De-Escalate Tensions during Pulwama Crisis: Pak Official

Saudi Aid Independent Of ‘Political, Racial And Religious Differences’: Ksrelief

‘We Will Bury Trump Like We Buried the Shah,’ Says Iran Guardians Council Chief

Palestinians Fear ‘Deal of the Century’ Will Finish Off Their State

Kushner Called Jamal Khashoggi ‘A Terrorist,’ Book Claims

Merkel Refuses to Outlaw Hezbollah, Snubbing German Jews After Kippah Row

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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Iranian Cleric Says Men Should Replace Female Television Presenters
(By New Age Islam News Bureau)

Iranian Press Review: Women Riding Bikes And Men Preparing For War

New Call of Duty Game Inspired By Kurdish Female Fighters

SC Relief for 23-Year-Old Chhattisgarh Woman Who Married A Muslim

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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Muslims’ Under-Representation In Parliament Is Because Of The Crippling Factionalism Among Muslim Elites Not The BJP’s Rise
(By Gilles Verniers)

One’s interests truly tend to be better represented once one has actual representation in public institutions. It remains to be seen whether the recent declaration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be translated in action. If it does, it would reverse a much larger trend than the exclusion of minorities that stems from his own party....

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Patrick Buchanan Raises A Question That Muslim Religious Scholars (Ulema) Need To Answer: Is ISIS Faithful To Islam?
(By Patrick J. Buchanan)

When we call Islam a “religion of peace,” are we projecting our own hopes? Are we deceiving ourselves? Are the Muslims we respect, admire and like, as friends and patriots, assimilated and “Americanized” Muslims who have drifted away from, set aside, or rejected many core beliefs of the Quran and root teachings of their own faith?...

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Push from China Could Force Pakistan to Operate As A Normal State
(By Khaled Ahmed)

It is time for change in Pakistan and it is going to be difficult, given the tough man expected to be ruling India for some time — Modi. Pakistan’s economy is in deep crisis. Meanwhile, China’s persuasion to “normalise” the state of Pakistan is becoming intense....

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‘Rethinking, Reinterpreting and Understanding’ Islam in The Context Of Sri Lankan Society
(By Melani Manel Perera)

From the theological point of view, we worship the same God. The Quran clearly says so. I could cite innumerable passages from the Quran which speaks of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses and Jesus. You are not a perfect Muslim if you do not worship all these prophets. …

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Ghazwa-tul-Badr—the 17th Ramazan: Does It Have Any Contemporary Relevance? As Urdu Press Claims Every Year سترہواں رمضان المبارک ،یومِ غزوہ بدر: کیا موجودہ دور میں اب اس کی کوئی افادیت باقی بچی ہے؟
(By New Age Islam Special Correspondent)

امت مسلمہ کی حالت زار صرف دردناک ہی نہیں بلکہ ذہن کو جھنجھوڑنے والی ہے۔مقبوضہ جموں و کشمیر کھنڈروں میں تبدیل ہو چکی ہے جو ہماری نئی نسل کے لئے انتہائی پریشان کن اور تکلیف دہ ہے۔ ہم بحیثیت قوم اپنے ہدایت کے سرچشمے سے دور ہو چکے ہیں جس کی وجہ سے حق اورباطل کے درمیان تمیز کی صلاحیت ہمارے اندر سے فنا ہو چکی ہے۔

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Amidst a Majoritarian Turn, Indian Muslims Need to Rethink Their Political Strategy
(By Arshad Alam, New Age Islam)

Like most subaltern groups, Muslims also possess a dominated consciousness and it require years of hard work to convert them into a mode of dominant consciousness. Eventually, they will realise that only a share in power can save them from political oblivion. These regional Muslim parties must be open to all kind of political alliances, including the BJP. The only thing that should matter is who is giving them a better deal...

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These Hindu, Muslim Families Swapped Kidneys, Saved Lives, Broke Stereotypes
(By New Age Islam News Bureau)

Prominent Muslim Figures: Religious, Cultural Diversity Don’t Justify ‘Conflict’

Muslim World League Publishes ‘Mecca Document’ Encouraging Tolerance In Muslim Societies

Jordan’s King Tells Trump Adviser Peace Can Only Come with a Palestinian State

China Is Allegedly Forcing Its Muslims to Break Their Ramadan Fast

Islamic Front Suggests PAS Abandons Politics and Become Missionaries

Muslims and Jews Share Iftar at Marrakech’s Beth-El Synagogue

Violence in Pakistan after Hindu Doctor Is Accused Of Blasphemy

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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Digitalising Islam and Virtual Ummah: Globalising Local Discourses?
(By Irshad A Bhat and Zahid S Magray, New Age Islam)

It has become apparent that the encounter between Islam and the globalised technologies of communication is as multifaceted as the religion itself. Globalization which is seen as a source of homogeneity also be understood as a culturally heterogeneous force as well. What we need to understood is the extent to which the Globalization of information and communication networks can provide a new framework within which Muslims can re-imagine the Ummah....

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The Zakir Musa Phenomenon
(By Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander, New Age Islam)
Musa is dead, with little success achieved by him or his cadres militarily on ground but the idea of Ghazwatul Hind and Jihad that he propagated will continue to attract numerous youth for some time to come....
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ISIS Has Displayed Its Interest in India since 2014: Inherent Internal Fault Lines Was Considered As an Ideal Fertile Ground for Luring Indian Muslim Youth
(By Brig Anil Gupta)

However, the media and social media wing of the ISIS continued to operate unabated and was busy producing large numbers of a new breed of Jihadists, radicalised and motivated through social media, ready to fight wherever they feel their Muslim brothers are under threat, popularly termed as “Lone Wolf” or “Lone Ranger.”...

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A Neo-Salafi view of Shirk as an Unforgivable Sin: In Salafi worldview, Hadith Writers from Persian Empire Secretly Deviated Muslims from the Quran
(By Irshad Mahmood, New Age Islam)

We must refrain from all kinds of hearsay to avoid Shirks and we MUST take guidance from the Quran alone and build more Quranic Educational Centers to explain the Quran alone. All Hadeeth writers were from Persian Empire who secretly deviated Muslims from the Quran. Promoters of Hadeeth are Deniers of the Quran….

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Ghazwa-tul-Badr—the 17th Ramazan: Does It Have Any Contemporary Relevance As Urdu Press Claims Every Year?
(By New Age Islam Special Correspondent)

As we are winding down to the end of Ramazan, a note of caution is seriously required, particularly in the context of Jammu & Kashmir. As the jihadists try to mark it as ‘a month of calamity’, the mainstream Muslims must not forget: When the Sahaba said: “Al-YumuYumulMalhama” (today is the day of retaliation), the Prophet (pbuh) strongly rebutted: “La, Al-YaumuYaumulMarhama” (No, today is the day of mercy)....

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Bengal is on a Cusp of Change, Muslims Must Act Wisely
(By Arshad Alam, New Age Islam)

The top leadership of the CPIM, who were basically from the other side of border, never gave any thought to the Muslim question in West Bengal. They had to tolerate the Muslims and even maintain a veneer of secularism because Muslims were their most loyal vote-bank. But beyond that, their historical antipathy towards Muslims blinded them to think in terms of any ameliorative action for this destitute community. ....

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Qazi Nazrul Islam Was The Driving Force behind Muslim Renaissance in Bengal
(By S. Arshad, New Age Islam)

Qazi Nazrul Islam was also worried over social evils, superstition, growing communalism and exploitation of gullible masses by the mullahs and pundits and fought against them through his speech and writing. He strived to bring awareness among the masses about their rights and their strength....

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Do Not Repeat the Mistakes of 1989 in Allowing the Return of Taliban, New Age Islam Editor Sultan Shahin Asks International Community at UNHRC in Geneva
(By Sultan Shahin, Founder-Editor, New Age Islam)

Mr. President,

The US is withdrawing from Afghanistan as well as from Iraq and Syria. Inspired by the Taliban declaration of victory, a radicalised terrorist in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, backed by a Pakistan-based Islamist terrorist organisation, attacked an Indian military convoy, killing 40 soldiers. Similar suicide attack killed 27 elite revolutionary guards in Sistan, Iran. Emboldened Jihadists will surely carry out more such attacks in future. The gloating in Islamist circles for having “defeated” both the superpowers, the Soviet Union and the United States, has reached its peak.

Mr. President,

Still fresh in our minds is what happened when the international community abandoned Afghanistan in 1989. Taliban ruled and Al-Qaeda got a safe haven. A series of atrocities including 9/11 and horrors of Islamic State followed.

In this backdrop, the complacency of the world community in allowing Taliban to govern Afghanistan is inexplicable. Jihadist strength does not come from their soldiers and territories. It comes from an ideology and ideologies cannot be defeated militarily.

Mr. President,

The Jihadist ideology is based on very solid foundations in Islamic history, scriptures and theology. Moderate Muslims have not yet succeeded in evolving a satisfactory alternative theology of peace and pluralism to challenge the current theology of violence and exclusion. Even when such a theology evolves, it will take time and effort for it to be established. Mainstream Muslims should be allowed the time and space to work out and propagate a counternarrative. I would, therefore, urge the international community not to repeat the mistakes of 1989 and invite further disasters....

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