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WWIII in June-July
By:M. Ibrahim, Oman
Date: Sunday, 2 June 2019, 8:07 pm

Salam O Rehmat Dr. Sahib.

I too hope and wish Imran could do that but ground reality is bleak.

Pakistani society like most of other muslim nations is so corrupt
that they don’t see the truth and compromise entire nation for immediate gain. IK is all alone in this crusade agains internal and out side dark forces.
He won election on single slogan TABDILI, but it seems people do not want to TABDIL themselves !

On international scene deliberate unrest is created (in last 30 years)in Africa, Middle East & Latin America where violence is a law of land, legitimate governments are toppled and war lords are ruling plundering national wealth for their masters in the west.

Seeing violence on tv screen every day for decades now it doesn’t move our heart and we have accepted it as our way
of life. We have been prepared for mother of all War WW3.

Earth is over populated with humans any way so Darwin’s law of survival of the fittest is in play.

Perhaps from the ashes of WW3 one world will arise without boundaries of nations and religions.Perhaps human being will
attain humanity from its present animal state ?

Who knows ?
Kind Regards.