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Greater Israel is on the way
By:Naomi Schwartz, Tel Aviv
Date: Tuesday, 28 May 2019, 8:39 pm


The place currently called The State of israel (SOi) is preparing to take full control of the peoples of this planet. They are in the last stages of taking down the last tool they need in that ā€ˇprocess started around the time the west discovered the body of the infamous Pharaoh. That tool, The USA is no longer needed but has to be discarded like a booster rocket in a launch sequence. The SOi needs a war with Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan or all of them to insure they destroy themselves to leave israel is the most powerful nuclear weapon armed state. I understand that Iran has no need for nuclear weapons because they have something better which nobody seems to know about. We shall see how this all unfolds into reality, ISA .

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