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Ale-Saud - Their Ancestors ! ?
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Sunday, 26 May 2019, 3:21 pm

Earlier today I recommended the link to the following pamphlet to a friend in the Middle East. Oddly, or not so much, the page is blocked in his country. I ask myself why since it is the true tale of the origin of the vicious form of Islam known as Wahhabism. Years ago I began speaking of this radical Islam but people were so wrapped up in the early days of the obscene “war on terror” that they lumped all “ragheads” under the common banner, “Islamic terrorists”

It is here that you will learn of the dissolute and weak Muslim man who was corrupted, cajoled, and careened into the founder of what we know today as Wahhabism, the anti-Islamic creation of the Great Britain serving the international corporations of royalty and the Rothschilds.

So for my friend, and because I believe the following should be mandatory reading for every citizen of the planet, Muslim, Christian, Judaic or otherwise. First I offer this article to clarify some what just the importance of what you are about to learn about the true source and goals of radical Islam.

Part 1

part 2

the truth about radical Islam !