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White Supremacy
By:Hussein Amin Lumumba, Uganda
Date: Monday, 20 May 2019, 8:33 pm

The discussion on radical white extremist terrorism is seeing little lukewarm, half-hearted results globally, and now international anti-terrorism experts are finally weighing in and calling for decisive anti-terrorism action against radical white extremism.

As was widely stated after the monstrous ChristChurch Mosque terrorist attack in New Zealand where innocent Muslim worshipers were mass-murdered mid-prayer and live on social media by a radical white extremist terrorist, what needs to be tackled as a public safety urgency by western governments are the sources of white radicalization. For example the 87-page white radicalization manifesto called 'The Great Replacement' which was published by Brenton Tarrant, the ChristChurch monster, on the day he embarked on the infamous blood bath at Nour Mosque, New Zealand.

It is especially in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand where white radicalization appears to be most prominent, and where it is clearly rearing its ugly head from.

While the political debate about immigration appears to be the political vehicle and rallying point for radical white extremism, in reality the hatred is known to reside much deeper. Its simply politicized racism/tribalism/sectarianism anger against people from different religions, different cultures and different races. It is simply pure bigotry mixed with unscrupulous political opportunism and scapegoating with invalid gutter political ideologies that are incompatible with democratic society where liberties and individual freedoms are guaranteed by law, and where the state is responsible for protecting every single life and property on its soil.

The government's of these above-mentioned countries know they need to start asking (and responding) to the basic key questions. For example, what exactly is turning young white men and women into radical racist extremist terrorists and sympathizers of this kind of extremism? Plus, which individuals and organizations are behind the radicalization?

Whetever it is must simply then be stopped in its tracks.

Some international social media companies have reportedly taken meaningful steps recently to ban white extremist hate speech and it's sources from their sites and platforms. In stark contrast, governments (and law enforcement) in the countries mentioned above are lagging behind and are not exhibiting crystal clear leadership on this disturbing, increasingly widespread topic.

It is quite incredibly telling that private individuals and their social media companies are now leading the fight against white extremist terrorism while their governments seem to be basking in endless complacency. Besides some government action in New Zealand, the rest have hardly done anything following the abhorrent ChristChurch massacre. Yet they know the threat exists in their midst, and being responsible for public safety, they are the ones who should therefore be taking the lead internationally and not private social media companies like Facebook.
Almost all governments today already have in place the strictest anti-terrorism laws ever in the history of mankind. Plus related policies designed to prevent more innocent people from loosing their lives. While it is possible that elected officials in the developed rich nations might not be too keen on rubbing the rising nationalist populism in their countries the wrong way, last week the leaders of France and New Zealand held a summit on the radical white extremist terrorism subject. It appears that the US was invited but they never surfaced at the meeting. Yet all the concerned nations need to take action using the same intelligence coordination networks, anti-terrorism legislation, and related anti-terrorism resources already established under the infamous war on terror.
But everything seems to be more complicated to the international judge and jury when terrorism involves their own kin, right?

Meanwhile, we all know that someone somewhere in these very western countries, is surely planning the next big terrorist attack on innocent communities, and we also know that many more informal "pink sleeper cells" are simply waiting to be activated by hate material such as 'The Great Replacement" terrorist manifesto.

The problem is really not the guns per se. Weapons are just a tool for implementing the hate belief system. Like the knife attacks in London which I remember warning about after a British military officer was murdered in broad daylight in the UK a few years ago by two Islamist terrorists with sharp kitchen utensils. I had mentioned that other would-be terrorists watching the attack will now say 'Hey! We don't need to go through all the trouble of making home-made bombs anymore. Just pick a meat cleaver from the kitchen and go down the street."

Today these knife attacks have become the staple crime phenomenon in the UK, though there is little political understanding in the British government that this is terrorism.

Just like the copycat spate of vehicles deliberately ramming into innocent members of the public ever since the 2016 Bastille day terrorist truck attack at La Promenade des Anglais in the French city of Nice.
In conclusion, whether it is a Muslim attacking innocent white people in Europe, or whether it is a white Christian murdering worshiping Muslims, the law must stand it's ground against all extremist terrorism ideology regardless of any ethnicity affinities with the perpetrator.

By Hussein Lumumba Amin

(Find here a CNN report on anti-terrorism experts weighing in on white extremist terrorism: edition.cnn.com/2019/05/14/us/white-supremacy-terrorism-soh/index.html