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Divided Muslims
By:Gulshan Alawi, UAE
Date: Saturday, 18 May 2019, 12:11 pm

Their ignorance of truth is visible in ignoring our Sacred Month of Ramadaan. If they were Muslims they would know the importance of Ramadaan.

They have no drop of respect of Allah and HIS religion. Their major ignorance is that they aren't even aware of the latest discovery of true ID of ISIS that is created by the enemies of Islam.

ISIS are the Demons, not Muslims, but imposters pretending to be Muslims like Agakhan and his slaves..
ISIS not fighting for Islam but are trying to destroy Islam that is clear by their evil actions.

Though, their actions are public and not secret like Agakhan's. Both has the same aim against Islam.

It is better to know the Lion is coming in front, so you can take precautions, but when the Wolf is coming in disguise in the Coat of a Sheep, you get caught in his trap.

ISIS killing of Muslims too is their perfect ID of anti- Islam anti-Muslims. Fighting and killing is forbidden in this month but the fake Muslims enemies of Islam ignores the Sharia law.

Their every actions speaks louder for their fake ID of Muslims, like the Agakhan is using the fake ID of Islam for his Hindu-Ismailism cult and fake ID of Shia Muslim after rejecting Islam.

Hope you can see the similarity of their main purpose.

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Divided Muslims
Gulshan Alawi, UAE -- Saturday, 18 May 2019, 12:11 pm
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