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To The Hon. Supreme Judicial Council
By:Shuja ur Rahman Khan, Karachi
Date: Friday, 17 May 2019, 9:18 pm

The Hon. Supreme Judicial Council

The Hon. Judicial Commission

C/O Hon. CJP Justice Mr.Asif Saeed Khan Khosa

assalam o alaikum

Dear All Respected

With my apologies and in complete humility I beg to bring this important concern of mine to your kind attention.

All our backwardness and sufferings are due to our Election Commission and Judiciary supposedly being under control of our Establishment.We need to mean Business with our silly institution of Establishment.An appropriate action against all living , present and past Chairmen Election Commission and all living Chief Justices is need of the time.

Our Election Laws , our Political Parties Act , our Constitution and all other relevant references are more than sufficient to check and restrict any entry and any continuity of any ineligible person in our Parliaments , in our Senate , in our Houses of President , Governors and Chief Ministers than how come this hapless , down trodden country has yet to find any capable , any honest , any sincere President ,Prime Minister , Chairman Senate , Speaker of Assemblies , Governor , Chief Minister above party lines with the exception of a very few.

Lies , deception , corruption , nepotism and poor Governance all are order of the day making lives of the 220 million people miserable resulting in poverty ,intolerance , violence and chaos.

Judiciary , Armed Forces or Beauracracy all are paid servants of tax payers of Pakistan..Ask any questions , scold on poor performance , dismiss on misconduct , its all within our rights.Times have taught us that we can hardly , entirely rely on any political party and on any pillar of State. None account for the needed maturity or responsibility or any substantial delivery.

I , thus , very humbly demand an appropriate action against all living , present and past Chairmen Election Commission and all living Chief Justices for having failed to fulfill their constitutional responsibilities and for betraying their solemn oaths

There is no Dunya and no Akhirat for political parties workers toeing Party Lines without any genuine justifications and credentials.
Voters will reject them in future elections and ALLAH swt will put curse on them in this life and torments in the hereafter that will include Media , Army , Judiciary , NAB , ECP etc taking sides.

Given the choice we will confiscate and nationalize all assets owned by PTI Parliamentarians , Ministers Cabinet members , Advisors and senior party cadres to cover at least part of the losses Pakistan has suffered during last 9 months and last 5 years and send them all to Kala Pani in Manora to do fishing for a living for rest of their lives along with all Choudharies , all Zardaris and all Sharifs for a good ridden with assets confiscated with no phones ,no internet no electronic media and no postal service with the rest of the world..

With my warmest regards and apologies for any unpleasant words,

Chairman ,Council of Guardians.

Shuja ur Rahman Khan
The Common League
102 Main SABA Avenue, Phase-6 , DHA, Karachi-75500
Cell : 0300 8271630 , 021 35240989

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