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Abdul Qadir was a Talmudist Rabbi!
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Sunday, 5 May 2019, 4:43 pm
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salamun alaikum respected members

Few years back, I provided a link to a book by Israel Joseph Benjamin / Eight years in Asia and Africa from 1846 to 1855. In that book he mentions an understanding at that time that Abdul Qadir Jilani was a Talmudist Rabbi -- Baghdad pages 140-149. A small part of that is below. You Can download the entire book. Is it possible , to me yes--just think about Abdullah ibn Saba.


"They told me, for instance, that a Mahometan Marabut
(saint) used to live there, who by using the Shemoth hatumah
(unholy names of demons) wrought miracles. His prin-
cipal occupation consisted in writing amulets, and thus his
reputation was very great, all believing in his power to
cure the sick, make the blind see again and so forth. That
superstitious belief grew so much that they even considered
the very dust of his house as holy, and putting a small
quantity of that dust or sand in a little bag they hung it
around the neck of the sick, who as they expected, got immediately cured.
Barren women applied to him for children; and the
Jews who usually abhor such superstitions nevertheless put their
implicit faith in him. At that time there lived in Bagdad
a Chacham, a great kabbalist, who was very much grieved
to see his brethren in faith led astray by such gross super
stitions. He hired a house just opposite to that in which
the Marabut lived, and hung upon the walls of his house
many Shemoth Hakdusha (Holy names) and thus working
against the unholy power of the Marabut he succeeded in
destroying all that the other performed through his spells
and ungodly means. The same Chacham did all he could
to deliver the Jews from the evil influence of that super
stition. The Marabut was, as a matter of course, greatly
vexed at the Chacham's impairing his business. These two
men persecuted each other with their respective mysterious
weapons, and at last the consequence was that both of them
died in the course of the same year (if I don't mistake, I
was told, they died on the same day).
The Marabut is still revered by the Mahometans as a
saint; the Jews likewise hold the name of the Chacham sacred till now.
The town of Bagdad is divided by the Tigris into two
unequal parts ; of which the largest, the town itself, is en
circled by a wall, at the end of which is a fortress, used
for barracks. On entering the town by the gate of Mosul,
the view is really splendid. The streets are broad; in them
are numerous shops filled with the most splendid wares,
and costly bazaars, particularly those situated in the middle of the town.
On the other shore of the Tigris is that portion of the
town at which the different caravans arrive, and from which
they take their exit. It is a very large market place, where
the foreign merchants and travelers join the caravans. A
bridge in a very bad condition crosses the river, the over
flowings of which, particularly in the spring, cause much damage.
When the water is very high, a peculiar kind of boat
is used to pass over; it consists of a kind of deep basket,
made of wicker work, and covered over with pitch; for
the same purpose they make use of canoes, which are made
in two divisions, and each capable of containing 8 10 per-
sons. Going along the streets towards the Jewish quarter
of the town, I passed a mosque of fine appearance, enclosed
by a wall. In this mosque is the tomb of the great Marabut
Abd-el-Kader, which is visited by numerous pilgrims.
Tradition relates that the mosque was formerly a synagogue,
and that the Marabut was no less a person than the celebrated
Talmudist Joseh Haguelili."

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