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Do not donate to Mullas & Mosques
By:Saeed Siddiq, Pakistan
Date: Thursday, 2 May 2019, 7:29 pm

The Pakistani Mulla community have hijacked Islam to divide and rule us as our priests. Islam is a clear and easy religion with no compulsion or force as per Holy Quran but the Mullas fool us with bogus and fabricated Hadiths to make Islam a hard religion to dominate us.

Boycott them and start reading of Quranic translation to understand and follow Islam correctly and sincerely free from exploitation and deviation etc. to earn Allah's Blessings.

Our Masjid Imams, who have adopted Islam as a money-earning profession against Quranic edicts, to keep us religiously backward hardly speak on all Quranic Mohkmaath in their Juma and Eid Khitabs and also avoid holding Dars-e-Quran session daily after Namaz. This shows their evil intention against Allah's Holy Quran. DON'T GIVE CHANDA/DONATIONS UNLESS THEY AGREE TO OUR ABOVE GENUINE REQUEST.

These commercial Mullas instead ask us to learn Arabic language with correct pronouncing as if Allah is Arabic knowing only and also to memorize the Quran without understanding no where supported in the Holy Quran.

They oppose reading of Quranic translation as their religious domination would end. Now every big Mulla in Pakistan maintains his own religious group or party along with his own brand of Masjid and Madressah with lot of blind followers to divide and rule us. The tragedy is that they hate each other and also fight each other like the illiterate Talibans who murder Muslims through suicide bombings. Some years ago, the Talibans killed about 100 school children of Army Public School, Peshawar in retaliation to army attack on them.

These Mullas have become mentally deranged. Pakistan should be proclaimed a liberal/secular state again with religion as a persoanl matter as per the wish of our Quaide Azam. We need a Mustafa Kamal Ataturk type bold leader to end the menace of worst religious exploitation and killings of Muslims.