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The Mosque in Jamkaran of Iran
By:abdalaziz ariff/indiana
Date: Sunday, 21 April 2019, 4:17 pm

Ref: http://jsalvis.com/Godly-Blogly/PERSIAN-jOURNAL.htm

“The main reason is that the power and wealth of an important oil-exporting country, with a tyrannical regime that does not care about the wishes of the people has been directed in support of the old religious notions.”

The Mosque in Jamkaran of Iran

“Bahman Aghai Diba writes in the Persian Journal (6): Jamkaran is a village near Qom in the South of Tehran. It is the home for a lucrative business of corresponding with the Imam e Zaman or the Hidden Imam or the Islamic Messiah. According to the Islamic-Shiite stories, Imam e Zaman will appear and enforce justice all over the world. The Shiites have been waiting for his appearance in the last 14 centuries. Again according to the Islamic-Shiite stories, anyone who wants to send a letter to the Imam e Zaman can write it and throw it in any flowing underground current or well. However, the business minded demagogues have made stories that the water well in Jamkaran has a better chance of getting the messages to the Hidden Imam because some of the religious figures have seen things during their sleep (seeing thinks during sleep is an important phenomenon in the social and political history of the Islamic countries. Recently, one of the Iranian Ayatollahs reported that he had seen the Hidden Imam in his sleep and he has approved the credentials of the Majles representatives who were actually 'elected' through corruption and rigging). However, since a short time ago there was only one well for the men and women to send their messages for Imam, of course after paying the all-important 'entrance fee'. But recently, the demagogues have separated the line of men and women and now there are now two separate wells (channels of communications) with the hidden Imam in Jamkaran.

Everyday, a large number of the people travel to Jamkaran...The income of this PO Box is so huge that it covers some of the expenses for the "shadow governments" in Iran.?”

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The Mosque in Jamkaran of Iran
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