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Islam combination of permanence & change
By:Engr Awais Durrani islamabad
Date: Thursday, 18 April 2019, 5:49 am

Islam is a beautiful combination of permanence & change : Wrong must be differentiated from GOOD . How will you protect mankind if ignorant from the dire consequences of these destructive forces .Quran is AL-FURQAN . To look at , it appears to be a small Book but it is all-comprising to the extent that there is not even a single issue of life about which guidance is not available in it .Not only that , it serves like a searchlight for all human- beings who seek guidance in all ages It is evident that the classification of a book is not an easy task which requires a deep insight & intellectual research which demands a perpetual & continuous hard work . Only a few injunctions of the Quran are in the form of definite laws which are mostly related to family life. As regards the rest of the subjects , it only gives the guiding principles . The Book which had to serve as an eternal code of life , throughout the span of time , ought to have been as such to lay down only the boundary lines for human actions, so as to enable men in all ages to frame the bye-laws according to the needs of their times , within the limits of these boundary lines . These principles shall remain immutable & the bye-laws framed under their guidance shall keep changing according to the needs of the time . A beautiful combination of permanence & change . The Quranic Principle "AMROHUM SHOORA BAIANAHUM " Mutual consultations is immutable But quran has not given the details & procedures of consultations . Now Muslim society stands obligatory to formulate the bye-laws according to the needs . If this forum permits then gradually I can highlight all alternatives which are now the demands of the un-biased Western intellectuals . If you study that hue & cry , you will be surprised that each alternative is translation of ayat of Quran .Pl keep in mind that an islamic state can put into practice the Quranic Injections , according to an existing state of affairs , in a gradual manner .