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God destroyed NotreDame Cathedral
By:Hussein Amin Lumumba, Uganda
Date: Tuesday, 16 April 2019, 9:04 pm

Lets cut the Notre Dame Church bullshit. Especially in this Easter
season where true Christians remember disturbing acts of betrayal and
hypocrisy against Jesus Christ, leading to him being crucified for the
sins of the idol worshipers of Jerusalem. Crucified at the express
request of angry Jews who accused Christ of being a conman and a fraud
after he destroyed their idols in the city, and regrettably to this
day they secretly still consider him a fraudster when talking amongst
themselves. (See video in link below)
The #NotreDame Cathedral in Paris barely had any worshipers anymore. I
remember seeing this for myself already back in the late 1980's.
Therefore I wonder what it is exactly that people are mourning.
Clearly not the burning of "a house of God" if Christians have already
abandoned worship. In fact Churches around the world, especially in
Europe, are reportedly seeing the exact same trend of dwindling
faithfuls. How many Churches are actually steadily closing all around
Europe in the past four decades?
So maybe we are just crying over the ancient Gothic architecture and
the tourist destination. Or could it be just for our own looks?
I mean making our guilty selves suddenly appear all Holy by simply
"faking it". We want to be seen as if in real shock at the burning of
a House of God, when in reality Western former Christians only
practice Christianity commercially, and actually hate worshiping God
every Sunday at any Church.
What exactly is the religiously hypocritical worldwide consternation
about when nobody risked being killed here? Compared to the bloodbath
from hell at #ChristChurch New Zealand where holy innocent worshiping
souls were brutally murdered mid-prayer by a radical white
anti-immigration racist Christian extremist terrorist live on
Facebook, and besides the recently passed gun control legislation in
New Zealand, barely any international community government or
organization has lifted a finger to shut down all the widely available
extremist ideology material that is radicalizing white youths and
making them commit such heinous acts of #Terrorism.
As calls and funds for rebuilding Notre Dame are being pledged, I urge
Christians to remember the purpose of the Cathedral. Maybe the fire
would have been identified in time and stopped before causing all this
destruction if there were any Christians actually worshipping God
inside the Church in this Holy Easter season.

However Happy Easter!