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The Allegorical Voyage of Moses
By:Engr Awais Durrani islamabad
Date: Friday, 12 April 2019, 6:51 am

The Allegorical voyage/Journey of Moses under local wisdom before receipt of Supreme Wisdom (Wahi) in 18/60 to 82 .
This story relates to distinguish between an intellectual & Nabi when Nabi has not received Wahi but he has inquisitiveness of discovering the Reality .He is not satisfied with the present systems .What is Good or Bad ,he can't decide through local intellect , this is only Wahi which can differentiate .He roams around in the surroundings for discovering & ascertaining the Truth. Similar issue was faced by Muhammad before Nabuwat (93/7 ) "You were also searching out the Reality & HE directed you through WAHI.The Reality reveals herself upon Nabi & Nabi does not discover the Reality through his efforts.After receipt of Wahi , his thirst of inquisitiveness is quenched.He came to know about an intellectual after considerable research who was equipped with immense wisdom coupled with descent character & also holding a higher office in the Govt . 62-63- When they proceeded further , Moses said to his companions "bring us our morning meal for now we feel tired " The companion answered "Do you know what has happened ?" when we rested near the rock I had forgotten to take care of the fish & it took its way to the sea. It is strange that i forgot to mention this .What excuse should be offered except that it was Satan who made me forgot this " ( 64) Moses replied " It seems to me that that was the place we had been looking for " They retracted their steps. (65) There they found one of our devotees upon whom WE had bestowed our Rahmat & knowledge according to our laws.(66) When he about to depart , Moses said : " May I follow you that you may impart some of your knowledge to me ?" ( 67-68) He said ; "I have no objection but I have gathered during this short period that you can't bear with me. When you will see something which you will not be able to comprehend you will raise objections ." (69) Moses replied : "God willing you shall find me patient & I shall not disobey you in anything " (70) He said :"If you are so persistent you may accompany me but should not question me about anything until i explain it to you myself " ( 71) So they both walked together till they embarked in a boat & Moses saw that his companion had made a hole in it .He said;" Have you made a hole in the boat that you may drown its occupants ? You have done a very grievous thing ". ( 72) He said ; " Did i not tell you that you can't bear with me ".? ( 73) moses said ; "Child me not for my forgetfulness & should not be harsh for what was beyond me ". ( 74) They came out of the boat & went on until they met a youth whom the companion of Moses slew. Moses said ; " You have slain an innocent grown up lad who was not guilty of murder .You have indeed done an odious thing ". ( 75-76) He said ; " Did i not tell you that you can't bear me ? Moses said ; " If after this i question you about anything then keep me no longer in your company , i shall then have no excuse to offer " (77) Then they went on till they came to city . They sought from the people something to eat but they refused to entertain them .They found therein a wall which was about to fall & companion set it right. Thereupon Moses said ; " people of that town treated us so badly & you have rendered a free service .If you had wished you would have obtained wages for it (78)The companion said that we are now to part (Formerly what you had asked was due to inquisitiveness .But now you have raised an objection not as to why i rendered my service but as to why rendered it free which means that your point of view rendering services free to deserving human beings is objectionable ,This constitutes a basic difference of attitude & this is why i have said that we can no longer remain together ) .I shall now tell you what all you were so impatient to know. (79) As to the boat ,it belonged to some poor men toiling on the sea & i damaged because behind them was a ruler in the habit of seizing every defect-less boat forcibly. (80-81) As to that youth, his parents were righteous & peaceful citizens & we had every reason to fear lest he should involve them by his open defiance of law & denial of all truth .Allah might grant them in His place (A child ) better than him in qualities & more affectionate to them . (82) As to the wall it belonged to two orphan boys in the city & underneath a treasure which their father who was a righteous man had buried so your Rabb had willed it when they come of age in full strength , they should take it out which will be a source of Rahmat for them from your Rabb (If the wall had fallen before time, the treasure could have been taken away by the villagers so i repaired the wall to save the treasure ) Also remember that that i did it as i was authorized as an official .This was all which you could not bear with patience.