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Regarding 5 daily prayers
By:Ali Syed, FL
Date: Monday, 8 April 2019, 5:21 pm
In Response To: Re: Regarding 5 daily prayers (Shoaib, Toronto)


A brother from Bangladesh asked about five-time prayers on the Forum of ourbeacon.con.

I somewhat remember I read that Prophet (S) normally used to receive revelation three times a day. He used to ask the Moazzan to climb a higher place and give Azzan. On hearing the Azzan all the believers would get together at the Masjid to listen to the revelation. Prophet (S) asked the believers to stand in lines. Then he used to lead the prayers with Sura Fateh. After saying Ameen all the believers while standing used to turn their faces each side wishing Peace for all. There was no bending or prostration ever involved.

Later the fake Persian imams mixed the bending and prostration in our prayers. Made sure that all the believers must read five time prayers every day. They also imposed Farz, Sunnat, andf Naffals on us. Whereas the fact that there are no such commandments in Quran.
These fake imams planned that the Muslims experiencing the difficulties would leave Islam Deen of Quran without any further delay. But the prayers helped the Muslims otherwise by prolonging thier life span.

Muslims for over a thousand years are blindly following the fake rituals of prayers and performing Haj rituals. Those Persian imams also made the Muslims half naked by covering their bodies with just one sheet to perfrom Haj.

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