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Uganda's Noisy Tin Pot Democracy
By:Hussein Amin Lumumba, Uganda
Date: Friday, 5 April 2019, 2:34 pm

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AM Hussein Amin

All these empty politicians should stop confusing the people of Uganda with their noisy tin pot democracy. Aren't they the ones who said Togikwatako? They even called everyone to protest with them so that the age limit is not removed from the constitution. Now they are the very ones going to help the rapist enjoy his crime against the constitution. Legitimizing the rape by participating in the first ever already rigged elections without the age limit in the constitution. Now tell me what did Edison Nasasira die for on 18th October 2017 in Rukungiri? Wasn't he shot dead by police and succumbed from a bullet to the head which left a gaping exit hole in the back of his head, and he was left twitching in a pool of his own blood and brain matter, never to be seen alive again by his relatives? Does his death count for anything to these politicians who saw him take a stand and say no to the removal of the 75 year presidential age limit?

Or the political comedians are all just following whatever direction the political winds of the day are blowing, jumping from one issue today while forgetting the other of yesterday, and they think they can bring change to this country without having any permanent stand on any of their own self-declared principles.

Now what will they tell his mother when they reach Rukungiri during their campaigns? That he died for nothing?

Oh! Maybe they will say "Madame we are still fighting for your son. Be strong madame."

Who doesn't know that an old gentleman wearing a safari hat will be atop a Landrover inspecting a guard of honour on inauguration day 2020 at Kololo Independence grounds.

Tell me which myopic stupidity does not know that here in Uganda?

In fact these politicians are the ones making the rape of the constitution that Edison died for palatable and acceptable to the country and the international community, and now whoever died is on his own in their grave, never to be remembered for any sacrifice, or even for paying the ultimate price of giving their life for this country.

What kind of power hungry human beings are these politicians?

Or is it because Edison was just a mere taxi tout!?!

Rest in Peace selfless and courageous young patriot. He was only 18.

(Burial Photo of Edison Nasasira here: https://cdn.chimpreports.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/edison-Copy.jpg)