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Hajj & Umrah
By:Engr Awais Durrani islamabad
Date: Saturday, 30 March 2019, 6:48 am

July 16, 2015 at 12:09 PM

QURANIC CONCEPT .......... (22/26-28) The international center of this Divine order

was founded by Abraham so that the obedience would remain for Allah alone & no man-

made system should be ascribed a share in it.This was also directed that this system should

be purged of all alien & man-made concepts & beliefs & reserved for educating

discipline people .The responsibilities of these organised people would be to supervise &

keep vigil over the actions of other nations ;establish an exemplary social & judicial system

& thereafter complete submission to Divine Order..He was also directed "proclaim the

people that they should come here to resolve their decision for final decree .This

announcement will be so attractive that they all will come from every part of the world ,after

travelling long distances on foot or on mounts which may become lean on account of

fatigue from the journey.So that they could witness from their own eyes the beneficial work

being done for them by this center. During the appointed days of this congregation they

should slaughter the cattle We have provided ,after proclaiming on them the name of

Allah. They should eat themselves & also feed the needy & poor who may be there. In ayah

22/25) Kaba is the capital of this system,the exhilarating scenario has been depicted afore.

This place is worthy of the highest respect & will finally become the fountainhead of Divine

obedience.We have declared it open for the whole of mankind ,for those who dwell here &

for those who come from abroad(its doors are open to all who have been denied justice &

fairness & every one shall benefit equally from its bounties) .But if someone tries to deviate

even a little from the right course ,by either profanity or evil doing ,he will be punished by

this system severely.Not only do these people themselves flout this system of justice &

equity ,they prevent others from coming towards it (how long their transgression be

tolerated ?) The time has now come to check on their actions ,in order to protect humanity

from their excesses & aggression (21/39) .As decided that criminals of mankind can't

participate in this congression ,therefore mushrikeen were also prohibited from attending

such congregations being the open opponents of this system (9/28 &9/3).When kaba came

under the control of the Muslims then this day the announcement was made & the day was

declared as Yaum ul Hajj al Akbar ".From now on wards these mushrikeen being the

enemies of humanity will not be allowed to join such congregation.

2:196 Two types of meetings have been described by Quran as a continuous struggle was

required for the establishment & consolidation of this system .Such periodic meetings are

termed as Hajj & Umra .The venue of these meetings should be the K'aba being the capital

& centre of this system.In case you are prevented from such meeting ,you should send

whatever you can ,as offering to be used by those who have assembled there .To maintain

homogeneity with this assembly you should perform rites similar to the ones performed by

the assembly e.g.do not shave your head & beard butif you are ill or have head-ailment

then you can fast,give a donation or an offering in lieu of shaving.In times of peace when

Hajj or Umra is performed ,you can take your gift with you .If the gift is un-affordable then

fast for three days during Hajj & for another seven days upon your return.This is for those

whose family is not in Makkah. Just keep in mind that the purpose of these meetings is

mutual consultation for the consolidation of this system .As far as rituals are concerned

their purpose is to create homogeneity amongst members of the society.Beyond that they

have no purpose ,not an end in itself --& whoever considers so ,should remember that the

result would be shear destruction as the law of Allah is severe in retribution."-- (2/197)---"

The timing of Hajj is prescribed & known to all .Whoever undertakes to perform this duty

should be careful not to do anything demeaning or obscene e.g. use of harsh& vulgar

language or unnecessary wrangling .Instead he should do whatever good he can (22/28)

He should also posses enough means to meet the necessary expenses to & from Makka &

maintaining himself during the meeting. O men of understanding ! be mindful of these

instructions . (2/198) Keep in mind that the mutual consultations which take place during

these meetings do not exclude discussion of business & trade as well as other economic

activities for the benefit of the Ummah .When you return from Arafat (place of introduction)

where you have been introduced to one another ,assemble again near Muzdalfa & reflect

upon the various aspects of the Divine system .We are giving you these instructions in

detail because before Islam you were ignorant of the purpose of hajj & Umra." ( 2/199) ;--"

When the proceedings have ended ,you should return to your own lands (without feeling

you are any different from other people) & think of ways to make your Ummah secure & self-

sufficient according to the programme settled in the aforesaid assembly .This way ,Allah will

surely bestow His protection & Rahmat on you." (2/200) " In earlier days during your

assemblies you used to talk about your ancestors boastfully (your talk made the common

people inferior ,so obviously they could not participate in it ) .Now on the return from the

assembly you should talk about Allah's guidance instead..Moreover people who consider

the worldly gains an end in itself do get such benefits but have no share in the hereafter. "

(2/203) " --The hajj assembly should be for a prescribed number of days .If anyone has to

depart due to some special reasons ,he may do so after two days & if anyone wishes to

stay longer he may do so provided what is done is in the interests of this system.And

remember one day you shall all be gathered unto Him".

In ayah ( 2/196) The terms ARAFAT & MASHA'AR UL HARAM are worthy of pondering

.The entire purpose of Hajj is concealed in this one ayah while the rest of the rituals are its

manifestations.Let us understand its real concept right from the beginning . In ramadan a

refresher military training was arranged to establish & consolidate this system coupled with

"I'tikaf fil Masajid (2/187) " ie ,just to ponder over local issues in groups & afterwards

various representatives from Ummah among them were chosen at the occasion of Eid ul

Fitr (Jashn-e-Nazool-e-Quran) who will participate in this annual gathering of Ummah .They

are the observers & representatives of this annual meeting.After initial proceedings this

conference will now be held in Arafat where an introduction will be carried out among the

various representatives gathered here from far flung areas.Due to this introduction it has

been termed as Arafat.After introduction the president (khalifa or representative ) of the

conference delivered a lecture (KHUTBA) & highlighted the salient features relating to

various activities of the Central Government for the previous year & presented the salient

features of the agenda for the next year.Now all these representatives gathered in Mash'ar

ul Haram ie the place where the issues are discussed purely through logic & wisdom. .As

these issues pertain to Divine Order therefore the attribute HARAM (worthy of respect) has

been used.Now this meeting will last for two to three days depending on the basis of

agenda.And a joint programme for formulating the details relating to implementation of this

agreed agenda would be finalised & different tasks will be assigned according to agenda &

a cooperation & assistance will be sought from the respective representatives.They will also

serve one another with lunch,dinner etc.Lunch from Pakistan & dinner from Turkey.These

cattles would be used for all such parties which have been brought by them or sent as gifts

from the absentees.Then they will return to their homes.