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The Three Levels of Knowledge
By:Ahlul Bayt, Qum
Date: Thursday, 28 March 2019, 10:11 pm

16th Rajab al-Assab 1440H

The Three Levels of Knowledge

During the Holy month of Rajab al-Assab, our focus naturally turns towards our spirituality and our relationship with Allah (SWT). In this series of meditations, we will focus on the tafseer of Surah at-Takathur, in order to help us with this shift in our focus, so that we can all reap the rewards of this Holy month, as much as possible, in sha Allah.

Yesterday we discussed the benefits of knowledge by meditating on the wisdom from Amirul Mumineen (AS). Today, we will examine the three levels of knowledge in Islam. These levels are:

1. Ilmal Yaqeen (knowing through association)

2. Aynal Yaqeen (knowing through perception)

3. Haqul Yaqeen (knowing through experience)

In order to explain these different levels, let us use the following example.

A person is walking, and they see smoke. They immediately assume that there must be a fire nearby, as they know that smoke comes from fire and, consequently, have associated that understanding with the smoke that they are seeing.

They know from the smoke that there is a fire and have ilmal yaqeen.

They then walk to where the smoke is coming from and they see the fire itself. They now have perceived this fire through their own senses and know that it is there.

This perception leads them to having aynal yaqeen, as they have seen it themselves.

Finally, although very unlikely, they then want to test that this fire is real and place their finger close to it. Their finger gets burned by the fire and they have experienced the fire itself.

This experience of being burned by the fire gives them haqul yaqeen.

We go through these three levels of knowing in anything that we learn: first we know of it, then we perceive it with a surface level understanding and, finally, it becomes a part of us as we experience it in our own life.

May Allah (SWT) guide us towards deepening our own knowing so that we have a deeper understanding of this world, through ilmal yaqeen, aynul yaqeen and haqul yaqeen. Aamin.

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