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Re: Al-Qur'an: pieces of the puzzle
By:jawaid ahmed
Date: Monday, 25 March 2019, 6:18 pm
In Response To: Al-Qur'an: pieces of the puzzle (Ather Sunar, Jhelum)

Seeking the Face of Allah

When you see Qur'an translations being presented from numerous people, something must be wrong; Arbery, Safi Kaskas, literal, Yusuf Ali, Aisha Bewley, in other words pick the translation which fits your idea regardless of how accurate it is to the Qur'anic true meaning.

Say, "He (is) Allah, the One.
Allah, the Eternal, the Absolute.
Not He begets and not He is begotten.
And not is for Him equivalent any [one]."
[Al-Quran Surah al-Ikhlas]

Allah cannot be imagined, so when the Qur'an uses the terms face, or hands for Him, it cannot be taken literally so why does the author of the above post think he is going to see a face of Allah?

92:1 Witness is the Night as it cloaks in darkness.
92:2 And the Day as it shines in splendor.
92:3 Witness is creation of the male and the female.
92:4 Indeed, your efforts are diverse. [Your occupations and earnings are different. Let not this be a cause of division among you]
92:5 So, he who gives and guards against evil, [92:18-19]
92:6 And upholds goodness,
92:7 We will ease his way to the ultimate ease.
92:8 But he who withholds and considers himself self-sufficient,
92:9 And denies all that is good.
92:10 We will ease his way to hardship.
92:11 And what could his wealth avail when he himself falls! [69:28, 111:2]
92:12 It is for Us to show you the way (through this revelation).
92:13 To Us belong the End and the Beginning. [93:4]
92:14 And so I warn you of a raging fire.
92:15 That only the most wicked must endure.
92:16 He who denies and turns away.
92:17 But far removed from it is he who guards against error.
92:18 Who gives his wealth that he may grow in goodness to self-actualization. [9:111]
92:19 And who does not confer favors on anyone for any recompense. [76:9]
92:20 But only to seek the approval of his Lord, the Most High.
92:21 And soon he will be pleased.

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