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Human Rights Watch
By:Hussein Lumumba Amin, Uganda
Date: Sunday, 24 March 2019, 8:26 pm

Dear Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and UN Human Rights.

Kindly allow me to invite all the well meaning international Human
Rights organizations to avoid being by-standers of mass murder and
carnage, and instead start engageing Western governments to take their
full responsibility in regards to public safety by seriously ending
radical White extremist terrorism. The governments should have by now
been banning any related organizations, plus stopping white
supremacist public gatherings, it's propaganda, and it's financing.
I can understand that because human rights organisations are mostly
funded by countries like the United States, Britain, and the European
Union, you might find it slightly disturbing to hold these nations
governments and leaders to the highest standards of human rights,
justice and the rule of law. However there is a looming threat that
needs to be addressed. And it didn't start with the recent terrorist
attack in New Zealand: That threat, as we all know, is radical White
Supremacist terrorism.
A disease that has reached a new level of live butchery in this
digital social media era, and whose ideology the world must be more
aware of since it resulted in the last World War which saw over 50
million innocent people killed in Europe, Africa and Asia.
Europe was looking the other way when Adolf Hitler rose to power by
preaching this bodus eugenics-based bigotry. I get a sense that
international human rights organizations, of which I consider myself
part of ever since served in UN humanitarian in Africa, we are all
looking in the wrong direction today as well. All the while, populist
fascist beliefs are making a comeback in western mainstream politics
and across western society. Thereby becoming an accepted value in many
western and eastern European nations today. This has probably made
individuals like the Christ Church terrorist to believe that they are
free to "take things into their own hands" so to speak, and are
guaranteed to be celebrated by their racist peers.
Recently, several other massacres have occurred against Churches and
Synagogues in western countries, with the blood of the innocent
victims left splattered on the walls and floor. And all of them have
one thing in common: White supremacist terror.
It's lone wolves (a.k.a "sleeper cells" in other circumstances) are
known to be arming themselves both individually and in secret
brotherhood's. Training themselves at home and in the outback woods,
and their secret organizations are known to be receiving funding from
their supporters who are mainly in Greater Europe and Greater America.
All this is known to be openly happening as we speak.
Their goals are known as well. Including eradication (mass murder) of
entire minority groups. That is what the hatred ultimately wants to
The economist magazine wrote recently about how former US Secretary of
State Madeleine Albright sees fascism, not as an ideology, but as a
malicious strategy for grabbing and consolidating economic and
political power. Obviously a vicious means to an end for the leaders
who, as Hitler did, use democracy for their own rise to power.
However, this ideology trickles down from the astutely unscrupulous
leaders to otherwise normal men and womenin society. and that's when
ordinary citizens start becoming hardened militants of hate. Like in
the case of New Zealand, an ordinary fellow ultimately became a
terrorist in one instant. That instant couldbe said to have occured at
the very moment he pressed the trigger and fired his first bullet at
innocent worshippers. Or we can be more pragmatic and say that the
danger was long in themaking.
We have to ask ourselves why is there a general complacency in dealing
with means that facilitate people getting to terrorist level in the
first place? What is there in western society to de-radicalize them
before they commit mass murder? Without answers to such questions,
some observers might see the whole situation as complacency or even
secretive collusion between Western governments, western society,
and/or even western secret organizations when it comes to supremacism
I tried researching for anyone who is known internationally today to
be at the forefront of fighting white supremacism. I couldn't find
anyone alive. All those topping the list are long dead.
Who is championing the defense of the rights of minorities, the main
victims of White supremacism, against this scourge? Nobody as well.
Is this therefore a very troubling situation being deliberately left
to perpetuate itself?
And though New Zealand Prime Minister is now showing the way starting
with new gun control laws and preaching peaceful co-existence, nobody
seems to be proposing any pro-active action plan against white
supremacist terrorism itself.
Yet in my opinion, there are three starting steps that could
comprehensively begin to end this kind of terrorism. Western
governments could:
- Curb the publishing of related propaganda material that helps
radicalize young people.
- Ban/blacklist all White supremacist organizations and designate them
either as terrorist organizations and/or as aiding and abetting the
resulting terrorism.
- Monitor, unearth and cut all sources of funding for such
organizations, or individuals known to be actively embracing this
continuing terrorist ideology.
These three steps will go a long way in fighting this form of
terrorism. They will definitely go a long way in guaranteeing the
liberties, freedoms and individual rights of the victims of this form
of terrorism. Including the right to live in peace and be protected
from any such harm.
Isn't it the responsibility of governments to guarantee the safety of
all persons and property on their territory?
I therefore call on the leading international human rights
organizations to remove all and any psychological barriers that might
be holding them back from confronting their own governments about
White supremacist terrorism. I also call on the international human
rights defenders to take a bold new step to end this blatant abuse of
peoples rights to live and worship in peace and dignity, and without
fear of death because of their faith or their origins.
Though racism is commonly understood as part of White Supremacism, it
is not racism that we are talking about here. What needs to be focused
on (and not be confused about) is White Supremacist terrorism.
As mentioned earlier, it is based on control and power over resources,
the state and/or territory. Including the assumption of having the
extra-judicial power to summarily determine which people should, or
should not live in a territory. All this despite laws that project
different values, rights and responsibilities for both citizens,
visitors, residents and migrants.
Basically the caliphate ideology of ISIS terrorism and the ideology
behind White supremacist terrorism are quite strikingly similar.
We must not stop at condemnation of racism and return to business as
usual. There is a lot of work to do. There are known practical steps
to take so as to pre-emptively save lives. Because there is no doubt
that the next bloody incident is being thought about, prepared, and
planned somewhere right at this very moment.
There is quote that says: "The world suffers alot. Not because of the
violence of bad people, but because of the silence and inaction of
good people."
And while there is contention about gun ownership laws in certain
countries like the US, that shouldn't prevent anyone from fighting the
ideology and its pillars which surely include abusing these very gun
laws to acquire the tools for engageing in terrorism.

Signed: Hussein Lumumba Amin
24th March 2019