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Choosing the best meanings & interpretations
Date: Sunday, 10 March 2019, 2:48 pm


People usually intensely discuss on what is the meaning of some particular words of the Quran in their verses. The best example is 4:34, some say DRB here means leave or forsake, some believe it means corporal punishment through a just court, and some other believe it means referring to arbiter. QXP has used all the mentioned meanings in its diffrent editions. The question is which one is correct and which ones are wrong meanings:

Can we answer this question by the following verse?
39:18 Those who listen to the Word, and follow the best of its application in a given situation, such are the ones whom God has guided, and they are the ones who use their insight.

My understaning is that we can apply all the meanings of DRB (except those meanings contradict the context or other teachings of the Quran) in appropriate situations e.g. considering DRB in 4:34:

* a court can temporarily separate spouses when it needed,
* in another case a court can conisder a physical punishment as the last resort for organized group of men or women who rebel against permanent values
* and we can also understand and apply DRB as 'referring to arbiters' when a situation necessitates it.

Is my understanding correct?