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Goddess (Devi) - Power of a woman
By:Yazdi Sidhwa, Tehran
Date: Wednesday, 6 March 2019, 11:02 pm
In Response To: Goddess (Devi) KALI MATA images (Dr Mukesh Jiradi, Mumbai)

by yazdi

One is aware of the saying

``Woman has her wiles``

She can bring about total ruin

Or make one smile

Cleopatra ( Queen of Egypt)

Brought about the

Destruction of Rome

So too you can

Bring about change

Where there is no hope

Do not underestimate

The power of a woman

Whether she be of

Any religion

She doesn't have

To bow to human egoistic men's dictates

Which are total & utter disgrace

The "people" who practice

Racism Discrimination & Bigotry

Should be ones to be excommunicated

As they are to our religion

A utter total disgrace

Staying silent is emboldening them

Enabling them to Subjugate many more

Have a spine

Stand up & take back

One's religion

In which one was born

They may dictate terms to you

You should know

We have No Rules

One may be married

To a Non-Zoroastrian

You are still Zoroastrian to boot

Asho Zarathushtra it seemed

Sacrificed His Life for nothing

Apparently to His Message

We are deaf dumb & blind

As we continue down

Slippery slope

This beautiful religion

Will be lost to all human kind


Do not let them intimidate you

Go on practicing your religion

One does not have

To go to a Fire Temple

To light the Light & pray

One can do it in the

Comforts of your home

That is the Zoroastrian Way

Follow what one thinks its best

Let the Power of Prayers

Take care of the rest.

Farida Bamji

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