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Some queries
By:Kian, Iran
Date: Friday, 1 March 2019, 7:22 am

Some little queries-

# Must we convey the Message of Deen to an elder
if he he is wrong in his belief when we know he would be
upset with our word? Elders often will be upset
if younger persons tell them anything and it is often
considered as rudeness.

# May i know your valuable reply to my query on
Paradise for non Quran-oriented people (including non-muslims
and traditional muslims)?

# May we rent out our house, invest our money,
take bank account interest etc today in current non quranic
societies? (I've read your articles inlcuding fresh water fish.. but i could not conclude on this Q. finally)

# What is forbidden easy money (maysar)
Playing Playsation (video console/game) and winning prize, participatng in TV family program and taking its prize,
sending SMS for a TV program for answering a question/voting
(and taking its random gift for some sms senders).. are
these maysar and forbidden or these are gift?

# Is marriage with ordinary muslims (i.e. Shia,
Sunni) who have close ideology to us ok?
Finding strict Quran-oriented people in all societies is very very

# Is to have emotional attachment to our own land and people and its history against the Quran? For example, one became a
doctor in another country and decided to go to his motherland and treat his compatriots because of special love for them, is it nationalism/bad?

Best wishes

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