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Salah ad-Deen al-Ayubi
By:Dr. Ali M. Sallabi, Kuwait
Date: Wednesday, 27 February 2019, 12:48 am

Salah ad-Deen al-Ayubi
by Dr. Ali M. Sallabi
Three Volumes Hardcover by the International Islamic Publishing House, Saudi Arabia, 2010

This is a scholarly contribution to the Islamic view of the Crusades. It brings out the division among the Muslims and Salah ad-Deen's success in overcoming disunity. It also highlights the struggle of great leaders who appeared before Salah ad-Deen and prepared the ground for his liberation of Jerusalem. Salah ad-Deen and the other Muslim leaders were extremely generous in their treatment of the Crusaders, though they defeated and sometimes wiped-out the Crusader armies.

The greatest danger for Islam was from within the Muslim sects, the most venomous of which was the Ismaili (batini) sect which flourished under Fatimid rule in Egypt and under the "Assassins" of Alamut. Great Islamic leaders like Mawdood and Nizamul Mulk fell victim to these terrorists. Salah ad-Deen himself was almost killed on two occasions by the Ismailis.

Today we find the Crusaders again in the Muslim world with their base in Israel, their armies in Iraq and Afghanistan and their armadas controlling the sea lanes. Behind them are Ismailis of today, led by the Aga Khan who is a great friend of the Israelis and NATO and has vast sums at his disposal to be able to infiltrate the Muslim world and set up Westernizing organizations.