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Pulwama attack: How to deal with it
By:Dr Shabbir / Saeed Qureshi
Date: Saturday, 23 February 2019, 8:13 pm
In Response To: PULWAMA ATTACK AND HOW TO DEAL IT (Saeed Qureshi, TX)

Janab Qureshi Saheb,

Generally I like your articles. This one is an exception. It is not the Qureshi brand writing I am used to.

First of all, it needs some good editing: it has too many spelling, punctuation & grammatical errors beginning from the headline.

Secondly, it repeats nothing but beaten-up, sagging, ragtag solutions.

Then, there are some factual errors such as: 90,000 to 93,000 Pakistani servicemen - the two main citifies of Japan in a fraction of second with millions of people perished - A Jaish-e-Mohammed member (evidence?) named Adil Ahmad Dar - revenge against Pakistan by way of bombing Pakistan even with nuclear arsenal - She (USA) singled out Pakistan for its alleged role in the attack.

Finally, the article seems to have been written by a biased Indian. It even ignores Indian invasion of East Pakistan in 1971.


Your brother,


Jinab doctor Sahib,
The figures that are mentioned in my article were in fact were taken from the Wikipedia. I didn't have any other source to ensure the veracity of the facts. Indeed I wrote it in a haste. I am far from supporting the Indian position. Pakistan's armed forces did surrender in the former East Pakistan. I offered three options to Kashmiris: inter alia to join Pakistan, to join India or become independence. India cannot and will not accept all these options as she doesn't want to release the hapless Kashmiris from her brutal clutches. I have no friend from India nor can I imagine for anyone to write for me. As the editor of Diplomatic Times in Pakistan for several years, I edited innumerable articles and opinion columns. As such I would not solicit support from an Indian or non-Indian to write for me. I imagine your anger and fury is well placed.
Saeed Qureshi

Respected Bhai Saheb,

Thank you for your kind response! About the veracity of the facts: let me say that the 'facts' you mentioned, have been very well known for a long time.

For example:
The number of Pakistani servicemen was only 47,000; the rest were their families and other civilians. Thus, the total number of detainees came up to 93,000. We all know that Indian army had invaded East Pakistan during the 1971 fiasco. The Indian PM, Modi, shamelessly claimed about one year ago that: Indian soldiers formed a big part of Mukti Bahini helping the creation of Bangladesh.

Sir, most certainly I can't even imagine you supporting, or tilting towards Indian narrative and designs.

I salute your services for Pakistan and admire your analyses.

May Allah bless you.

Dr. Shabbir

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