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Founding Fathers of US & the Qur'an
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Monday, 18 February 2019, 11:51 pm

February 4th, 2008 by Dr. Shabbir

Respected friends,

Based on sound research, I have maintained for 25 years that the Founding Fathers of America, especially Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin not only owned copies of the Quran, but they also studied the Glorious Book closely. Many of the golden principles in the American Constitution were undoubtedly and magnanimously adopted by these great historical figures. Quite a few people tried to dismiss my humble research with no evidence to support their claims.

Recently, an Afro-American congressman took his oath of allegiance on Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Quran. Then the remarkable fact remained no secret at all.

Please note that the translations of the Quran did exist in many European languages during the times of the enlightened Founding Fathers.

Some Translations and Translators of the Quran into European languages Today:
1143 - Latin, [Robertur Tetenensis], MS printed in 1543 by Bibliander
1616 - German, [Schweigger]
1647 - French, [Du Ryer]
1649 - English, [A. Ross]
1698 - Latin, [Marchi], complete with Arabic text and commentary
1734 - English, [George Sale]
1773 - German, [Boyson]
1776 - Russian, [Official translation by a committee at St. Petersburg]
1783 - French, [Savary]
1828 - German, [Wahl]
1840 - German, [Ullmann]
1840 - French, [Kasimerski]
1861 - English, [J.M. Rodwell]
1876-1880 - English, [E.H.Palmer]
1925 – English, [Muhammad Ali]
1930 – English, [Marmaduke Pickthall]
1938 – English, [Abdullah Yousuf Ali]
1937-1939 English, [Dr. Richard Bell]
1953 – English, [A. J. Arberry]
2003 – English, [Dr. Shabbir Ahmed]

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Founding Fathers of US & the Qur'an
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