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Significance of Dua'a
By:Engr Awais Durrani islamabad
Date: Thursday, 14 February 2019, 12:18 pm

Dua’a as a ritual plays a significant role in a Momin’s life . By virtue of Dua’a in this vast & amazing universe the caller realizes his individuality as someone & not isolated from the universe but he is an integral part of this entire creation.Calling out to Allah or dua’a means that the
fair demand of the caller will only be translated after obeying the relevant laws of Allah whether might be physical or Divine-ordained .The difference between momin & kafir is that though Momin achieves his target desired for with his efforts but he relates these achievements to Allah only while a secular considers such achievement as a consequence of his cleverness & efforts. Allah rewards both the individuals without any embargo .
Dua’a has been emphasised by Quran to be demonstrated through rituals as being the intensity of his wishes .This intensity creates a kind of psychological change in his personality which serves as a vent to actualise his latent potentialities & he achieves the desire through his hard work but with the philosophy “ Fabima'a min nimatin faminaallah “ (all these luxuries & capabilities achieved are from Allah & therefore i will distributes them in the light of Divinely Order ) while the secular declares all such achievements as “”wa ma Uootituhu ala’a ilmin indi “ these achievements are solely due to my hard work & cleverness ; therefore no body can question me about the mode of their usage .Just observe the difference between the Momin & a secular as beautifully highlighted by Quran.
The desire must come to the lips as a ritual so that it might become an inescapable Muda’a (purpose ). It is also argued by secular that by praying revolutionary changes are created himself which help him to attain his goal.Then what is the difference in calling out to Allah or praying to Him ? It is correct that man’s latent potentialities are aroused in this way but the aim is not only to to rais the latent faculties .The most significant is to determine the nature of aim & what are the means for achievement& what will be the purpose ? A momin keeps Quran before him from first to last & his desire is also a link in this chain .Therefore he calls out to Allah for its attainment too .Everything takes place as per Allah’s laws , so much so that the latent forces are also aroused as a result of His laws.Another point of central significance is to develop self being the major purpose of a Momin.

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Significance of Dua'a
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