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Christianity is insensitive to apartheid
By:Hussein Lumumba Amin, Uganda
Date: Monday, 11 February 2019, 8:00 pm

On this day 29 years ago, after years of negotiations and struggle, Nelson Mandela was finally a free man. His March out of jail together with Mama Winnie Mandela marked the crumbling of Apartheid, and the true beginning of a new era for black South Africa.

Apartheid, an evil that will forever live in infamy, one which was aimed at dismantling black civilization in South Africa, while enriching the oppressor to his fill at the expense of the black peoples, and a fascism which led to immense suffering and untold sacrifices by black people and their leaders from across the continent in a struggle to end a despicable debunked behavior, one which millions of people across Africa and the world ultimately stood against in one voice demanding for its immediate abolition...in vain for countless decades, until the framers of the so-called World order finally recognized that the racist system that they were upholding was no longer tenable, especially since they also claimed to be the moral high ground force mankind, preaching democracy, freedom and individual
rights to the rest of the world. The untold reason why they all finally, and reluctantly agreed to Nelson Mandela's release and to the end of their well crafted heartless tyranny against a human race.

As the political Apartheid's bones slowly disintegrate in its shallow political grave, South Africa still faces the same countries
resistance in overcoming economic apartheid. A system whose invisible fangs these same former supporters of Apartheid hope can remain deeply rooted in the blood, land and resources of black South Africa. A country whose indigenous peoples ancestral lands were forcefully stolen from them for centuries on end by the framers of Apartheid and their world cronies.

Africa should never forget the history of Apartheid, nor forget how it was implemented, nor forget all those who offered their unwavering support for its continued existence from their distant countries and overseas imperialist governments despite the cries of those who were literally made to beg for their freedom in their own country. None of these Apartheid crony countries have repented to this day. None have apologized to the dead black people they helped murder. Probably hoping that everything can be washed away by their silence, dancing and amiable smiles, and continue as if they bare no responsibility in the blood, sweat, tears and death of those whose memory and sacrifice we remember today.

Lumumba Hussein Amin
Kampala, Uganda
11th February 2019
Hussein Juruga Lumumba Amin
Kampala, Uganda