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Z.A. Bhutto
By:Ali Syed, FL
Date: Monday, 11 February 2019, 4:24 pm

I saw your post on Bhutto and wish to bring some facts for your information ..

Dr. Sahib. I was an ardent fan of Bhutto and always supported him to the point I stopped talking to one of my relatives who was opposing Bhutto.
In 1969 I remember when I was living in Govt Officers Hostel Karachi opposite to Gandhi Garden (Zoo) I had the TV in my room and all the other officers came to my room to listen to the last speech of Ayub Khan. We had a Sindhi session Judge living in a nearby room and he was constantly negating his head to hear the resignation of Ayub Khan.
After the speech, everyone left. I thought to check the view of the Sindhi judge. I went to his room and knocked at his door. He opened the door and asked me to have a seat. Then he said he could see the faces of everyone smiling at the resignation of Ayub Khan. But i must tell you, you all will be repenting about your mistake and losing Ayub Khan. He is a diamond.
He further said that He knows the Bhutto family right from top to bottom. He is the biggest liar, cheater, and Ghonda He will destroy the county in all respect. Just wait and watch.

During the election, we all voted to Bhutto and PPP. I used to tell my friends that people will forget Quaid-a-Azam.

I was very disappointed when Bhutto refused to sit in opposition, He said to Mujeeb ur Rahman. You rule there and we will rule here. He also said anyone ever tries to go to East Pakistan he will break his legs.

Later I came to know through Media and other sources that Bhutto was mainly responsible for making a deep conspiracy of separating East Pakistan by instigating Yayha Khan taking army action, surrendering of Pakistan Army. Then visit India and got the release of the Pak army without any condition. He was a big drinker and Gen Yahya Khan a professional drunkard was totally in his grip.

I saw the Bhutto rule, All his party members were big Ghonda and Police were scared of losing their jobs instantly.

It was Bhutto who said to Air Marshal Asghar Khan that Pakistanis are a bunch of fools. Let us rule these idiots. He knew the tricks as how to make a bloody fool out of the people.

Before the death of Bhutto, Qudart Ullah Shahab has written in his book that his every action is marching forward to hanging plate form.

The only good job he did was to make the nuke bomb.

In 1968 I been to East Pakistan and will tell you about Ayub Khan, his evil action some other time.

With regards


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