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The real concept of God
By:Engr Awais Durrani islamabad
Date: Saturday, 9 February 2019, 7:47 am

A reply to an atheist that believing in God but accepting the opposite is also a belief as the communists are atheists who believe in Marxism. Remember ! The attributes of God can only be understood through Quran only which are so attractive & mind-boggling that no literature of the world has ever described even iota of these attributes whether it might be the Testaments or any other religion. Allah has described His own attributes in Quran .
Quran denote His various attributes .Ilaaha has the following meanings & qualities;--- !) to whom some one looks for refuge/protection in extreme bewilderment.
2) from whose grandeur one gets dazed.
3) to accept someone's overall sovereignty
4) a law-giver whose laws & directions are obeyed & followed.
5) that who is at the highest pedestal & remains unseen.
Keeping in view the above meanings & attributes , the name Allah being the Proper Noun of Allah, appears in the Quran would mean a Being who is supreme but remains hidden from human eyes; before whose dignity & grandeur the human's perception/wisdom becomes dazed.; whose sovereignty extends over the entire universe ; whose obedience is must. By accepting Him IL'AHA, one must accept only His sovereignty & obey His laws. Human mind can't just perceive Him in any shape or physical form nor can explain Him. He is beyond human perception (6/104) .Nothing is like Him (42/11).However we can explain His attributes as mentioned in the Quran.
To believe Allah would therefore mean , to acknowledge & accept His sovereignty with all His attributes & in all the fields as mentioned in the Quran , in the most balanced & proportionate manner (17/110). If one goes through the annals of human history, he would find one thing common all along. Irrespective of the country & the period of history , there has always existed a Supreme Being , some one supernatural before whom one should bow , who should be worshiped , from whom one should pray for help & for the fulfillment of his desires , who should be dreaded & before whom one should offer sacrifices .Wherever the travelers & research scholars from all over the world could go ; even in the farthest corners of the globe where no other human being had ever set his foot before & where the inhabitants were totally unaware or untouched by any other civilization & were living in the earliest stage of civilization, even there they come across traces of some supernatural being which they worshiped. However the concept of its details differed from place to place.
These were the perceptual differences which made every god, different than the god of other tribe or country or religion . It is therefore incorrect to say that the god of all religions is the same----Rama or Raheem is one & the same thing. The Father of the Christians , the Judea of Jews , the Eashwar or Parmatma of Hindus & Ormuzd of Zoroastrians are totally different from each other- as their attributes are different from Allah of the Quran. He is above all perceptions & can't be transformed out of stone or a log of wood ,the real concept of Allah can only be perceived by His attributes as narrated in the Quran. Since the Quran only is exalted from the inter-play of human thoughts . It is because of this reason that the Quran does not accept the existence of god which various people or tribes or religions have carved out their own thoughts.The question arises as to why is it necessary to have faith in Allah of the Quran..Almost all the psychologists & research scholars agree on one thing that a human being consists of body & soul.This soul or self is given , to every one in a latent or undeveloped form by Allah.The mission or object of a human being in life is ,to manifest & develop this SELF in a way that even after death it is capable of entering into another , totally different phase of life & does not lag behind. To test or examine whether one's self is getting developed or not , he must have a model or test before him, otherwise one is likely to get astray or every one can have his own standards .The Supreme , the complete ,the most balanced & infinite Being to serve as a perfect model is Allah Whose attributes called Asma-ul-Husna are spread over the pages of Quran as glittering pearls man ought to incorporate them in his person to the extent of human limitations. The way in which these attributes (Asmaa-ul-Husna) can enrich the personality of a human being can best be ascertained from the day-to-day life of the person of Muhammad the http://exalted.In other words a human being can examine & test from time to time if his self is getting developed by presenting himself before these attributes . As a human body gets nourishment according to physical laws therefore there have to be some laws & values for the development of the real self being invisible which have been enshrined in Quran as Al-asma ul Husna .If someone wants to test the development of his SELF , he should examine as to what extent the attributes of Allah have been reflected in his own person. That is why it is necessary to have faith in Allah alone.The word Allah has been used 2697 times in the Quran. The reflection of attributes of Allah in a society or in an individual in a collective society unlike sufism in isolation , can only guarantee protection from the permanent decay & annihilation in the next phase of life being an immutable law of survival for those who are the
fittest (Saliheen ) ie a pure scientific law , where a seed is permanently decayed when the physical laws for its development are neglected . Similar is the case of human's personality endowed with undeveloped form ie get it integrated or disintegrate ; choice is open .which can only be developed in a Quranic concrete Order but never in isolation where an individual feels isolation despite tens of thousands of people surrounding him , Quran declares such environment as "Yateeman zamaqraba "

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The real concept of God
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