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Developing A Sister Support Group
By:Tajikah AK
Date: Friday, 8 February 2019, 9:40 pm

salaamualikum dear brothers and sister,

I've posted a similar post on here. So I'm reaching out once again.

The reason for this post, is to be able to find and connect with sisters who are looking for support. Since 2017 I've left the N2I during the summer. I've always been one who is very God fearing. So to come away from the N2I by getting off to a fresh new start. Has been a blessing from Allah. It's Important for us sisters and brothers alike for us as Muslim must fulfill Allah commands/obligation (spreading his Message, being of service to humanity, obtaining good conduct, etc...). If there are any sister out there who is interested and needs the support of other sisters please feel free to email me at:


It really would be nice to find and connect with other sister so we can all help remind one another and even develop a sisters group who are in the same boat and looking for the same kind of support and unity. So I hope and pray to Allah that this post is helpful and there are sister alike who are looking to connect. We sisters play a big part in serving humanity in many ways. By populating the world with true believing children, teaching, and nurturing them to becoming Inshallah one day the next generations of true Muslim.

May Allah Bless You all

My Salaams

Saying from the Qur'an:

(Creating an ideal society requires discipline and self-restraint among the individuals.)
O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! A collective exercise of
'Saum' or self-control is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before
you so that you become empowered against evil. [I have translated 'Saum'
as self- control instead of the common 'fasting' since it involves more than
fasting, such as abstaining from intimate husband-wife relationship. Saum =
Self-control = Abstinence = Collective Exercise of Self-restraint by the Society
= A conscious collective effort to desist from common vices such as impatience,
anger, unfair criticism, envy, impolite conversation or conduct, etc.
Taqwa = Journeying in security = Being careful = Being empowered against
evil = To avoid overstepping the laws = Exercising caution = Strengthening
one's 'self' = Preserving the 'self' against deterioration = Good conduct]

(Qur'an 2:183)

The month of Ramadhan has been chosen for this collective training since this
is the month in which the Qur'an was revealed, a Guidance for mankind,
clearly explaining the 'why' of every Rule. And it is the Criterion of right
and wrong. Hence, whoever is present at home during this month should
participate in the collective program of 'Saum'. But if any of you is sick or
on a journey, let him practice 'Saum' for the same number of days later. God
desires for you ease and He desires for you no hardship. The postponement
is to enable you to complete the period. The objective of this training is
to establish the supremacy of God (on earth) for, He has shown you a welllighted
road for you to show gratitude. [The entire Qur'an was revealed
upon the Prophet's heart ('down-loaded') in Ramadhan of 610 CE in the
order as we see today. Thereafter, it was conveyed to people in stages. The
concepts therein are not defunct theories and empty hypotheses. It has a
Permanent Universal Code of Values and Laws. The yearly training of 'Saum'
(Abstinence) in this month connects the Message with intensive reflection and
study. Note: The Qur'an does not forbid menstruating women from praying
or participating in the program of Abstinence. However, a menstruating
woman may be considered unwell. The only thing forbidden by the Qur'an
during menstruation is intimate husband-wife relationship. In addition, a
pregnant woman may be exempted from fasting to avoid dehydration of the
fetus. Shukr does not mean just verbal thanks. It involves showing gratitude
in practice by sharing the God-given bounties with others. It also denotes
fulfillment of one's noble efforts. 2:87-97, 2:183, 2:222, 2:233, 7:189, 9:32-
33, 14:1, 16:2, 17:85-86, 26:193, 31:14, 42:52, 44:1-4, 46:15, 53:13, 70:4,
81:17-19, 97:1, 'Saum' 2:183. It is interesting to recall the Lord's Prayer in
the Bible about Supremacy of God on earth. Luke 11:2 … Our Father which
art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done,
as in heaven, so in earth]
(Qur'an 2:185)

Just an example from what I wrote in this post about those who may deny or reject the truth once you relay the massage to them:

Nor (unless you acknowledge the truth) will you worship what I worship. [Our ways
are apart and there is no room for compromise. Falsehood remains falsehood
even though it may compromise, but the truth cannot remain the truth when
mixed up with falsehood. 'A half-truth is a whole-lie.']

(Qur'an 109:5)

Those of little understanding among people say, 'What has turned them from the
Qiblah they (Jews) used to follow? Say, 'Unto God belongs the East and the
West. He guides to the straight path whoever wills (to be guided).' [Qiblah
= Center of devotion = Symbol of uniform Ideology = Center for the unity
of mankind = Deen = System of Life. The Children of Israel have considered
Jerusalem as their Center of devotion but the Jews always believed in a tribal
god and, hence, a tribal center. But God is the Lord of all humanity. He
makes no distinction between Jews and Gentiles. And the Qur'an invites
all mankind to become one community. His Final Message is not confined
to a particular tribe, nation or group of people. Ka'bah, the first House of
Monotheism, was erected by Abraham in Makkah. It has always been the
Qiblah for all humanity. 2:213, 3:96, 4:170, 6:91-92, 7:158, 10:19, 12:104,
21:107, 22:49, 34:28, 38:87, 57:25, 114:1]
(Qur'an 2:142)

Refrance from: The Qur'an As It Explains Itself QXP V (English with Arabic Text) by: Shabbir Ahmed

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