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Date: Tuesday, 5 February 2019, 8:54 am
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Salamun Alaykum

God said:

10:28 --- We will say to those who acknowledged false deities, “Stay back, you and your contrived partners of God!” We will have the leaders and their followers confront each other. Their leaders will say, “It was not us that you worshiped.”

10:29 (Such false deities as Prophets, angels, Sufis, saints, clergy, idols and the universal forces,) they will all say, “God SUFFICES as a Witness between us and you that we WERE NOT EVEN AWARE OF your worship.”

10:30 Therein every person will experience exactly the result of what he did before. They will be brought back TO GOD, their rightful Master, and all their false imagery will fail them.

10:31 (Now is the time for them to think.) Say (O Messenger), “Who is it that provides for you from the heaven and the earth, or who is it that has full power over your hearing and sight? And who is it that brings forth the living from the dead, and the dead from the living? And who is it that directs the Order of the Universe?” They will say, "God.” Say, “Will you not then be mindful of His laws?”

10:32 Such is God, your Rightful Lord. After the truth what is there but error? How could you then turn away?

10:33 The Word of your Lord is justified that those who drift away from Reason will not accept the truth.


4:48 God does not forgive that divinity be ascribed to other than Him. But He may forgive anything else, to whom He wills. Whoever associates partners with God, has thus, devised a tremendous drag on his own person.

[Ithm= A dragging violation. Shirk = Ascribing divinity to other than God, associating partners to Him. Included in this category of committing Shirk are those who worship their own desires 45:23, those who indulge in human worship and in sectarianism 30:31, 42:21, those who follow manmade books in lieu of the Book of God 6:122, 6:137, and those who claim or believe in revelation after the Qur’an, in any form, including claims of attaining Divine knowledge through mystical experience 6:62, 7:173, 7:191. And those who uphold Trinity 4:171, 5:72-73, those who claim that God has a son, and those who follow their religious leaders 9:31. Such people fall from the high station of humanity. Worshiping any entity other than God, sinks the human ‘self’ down to subhuman levels 22:31. But even most of those who claim belief and call themselves Muslims, indulge in Shirk. 12:106]

- title: The Quran, author: God, date: 7th century]

And a request:

17:36 Do not reach conclusions about that of which you have no knowledge. (Using your senses and intellect, you must verify it for yourself.) Surely, the hearing, the sight and the faculty of reasoning – all of them – will be questioned. [32:9, 45:23, 46:26]

3:103 You must hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of God (stretched out for you) and be not divided among yourselves. Remember God’s favor upon you when you were enemies and He brought mutual affection in your hearts. Thus, you became brothers and sisters by His grace. You were on the brink of the pit of fire, and He saved you from it. This is how God makes His messages clear for you that you may be guided.

[The Rope of God is the Qur’an which is an Unbreakable Support 2:256. 6:165, 30:31-32. Huda= Guidance = Walk the right path = Travel on a lighted road]

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Pl pray for -... YOUR NAME, LOCATION, EMAIL?
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