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By:Kian, Iran
Date: Monday, 4 February 2019, 3:41 pm

Dear Dr. Shabbir,

Salam o Rahmat,
Hope you are well.

Conveying the message of the Quran is a critical subject, please grace us by your valuable teaching on the following matters.

Q1) How should we convey the correct teachings of Deen to our Muslim elders (with a little N2I-ism)?

For example, how should we tell them avoid expecting help from Prophet Muhammad, avoid sectrianism etc.
Talking about these matters is easy when we talk with our same-age friends, but it becomes very difficult with our elders. They may become upset from our word and ignore it. Please guide.

Should we do it gradually?
i fear the delay would waste the oppurtunity and God punish us (as Quran-oriented persons) who are aware of the correct Quranic teachings if we cannot do it completely during our time..

Q2) It is clear that if someone recognizes the truth of something, then he will be accountable regarding it before God.

But what about those mulims who may have been told their work e.g. expecting help from Imam Zaman, or sectarianism etc is Shirk and wrong but he because thinks his work is right and with his good intention wants to please God, continues his works, Are they among those that God has frobidden Paradise for them (4:48)?

I mean there are many many good muslims that although their intentions are good, but do not accept the correct thing (on their Shirk) even after warnings of others, because they have not reached to this conlusion yet that their act is wrong.

Q3) What should we do with the verse says do not marry with Mushrika? 99% of muslims are not pure Quran-oriented people.

Regards and best wishes,
your student,

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