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By:Ahmed Noman, Dhaka
Date: Monday, 4 February 2019, 7:55 am

I wrote this flash story in metaphoric terms for entertainment only. I named it 'Creation'.

A dot. Suddenly it exploded; nobody knows how and why. Then matter, energy, four forces, space, and time, these eight guys started to evolve a universe. Interestingly, some molecules of that universe pondered on forming an organization. The group so formed created a unicellular organism. Its highly active and vibrant members eventually created the multicellular types and through multitudes of permutations and combinations over eons of time, managed to shape out a very inquisitive complex species.

Some group of scientists—intrigued and somewhat skeptic—of that intelligent species researched hard and still remained perplexed about the mystery of all creation. Out of empathy for those frustrated creatures, that organization brought them some sand and metal pieces to enlighten them by an example and said, “Explode these and shake everything vigorously by every possible way to see if a computer or smartphone can be made.”
“Do you take us for fools?” said those smart creatures. “The making of those machines demands thorough research works, cutting edge technologies, deep thoughts.”
“But you yourselves were created from a mere explosion of a dot, despite being many times more complex than those machines.”
“Still will you not believe that Someone with Great Thought created and is creating you and all those creations incessantly?”

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