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Muslims Province in China
By:Arshad Khan, California
Date: Monday, 28 January 2019, 5:03 pm

US Senator Bob Menendez
Newark off: One Gateway Center, Suite 1100; Newark, New Jersey 07102
Ph: 973.645.3030; 973.645.0502 (fax)

Hello Folks: Just now CNN showed US Senator Bob Menendez (New Jersey) stating Million-Muslims TODAY kept in CONCENTRATION (same as Nazi) Camps under CHINESE Govt...He introduced Senate-BILL to somehow STOP this Genocide of MUSLIMS in China & DEMAND Accountability of China @ UN...

WE MUST urgently CALL, send Letters/ Fax to Sen Menendez Newark/DC offices, SUPPORTING him.
PLEASE fwd this email to Groups/neighbors/Churches-Mosques/Associations/MEDIA/etc, etc...

China has approx 20% Muslims(approx 200-Million Muslims) & the Muslims-provinces(below from google) in China have 90% Chinese Petroleum-Gas-Mineral reserves...

..below from google>>> "Muslims Province in China":
"Muslims live in every region in China. The highest concentrations are found in the northwest provinces of Xinjiang, Gansu, and Ningxia, with significant populations also found throughout Yunnan province in southwest China and Henan province in central China"

Regards, Arshad Khan, UMMAA Broadcasting, Rolla, Missouri-65401, USA

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