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Re: Democracy is only a slogan
By:Gulshan Alawi, Abbottabad
Date: Saturday, 26 January 2019, 6:06 pm
In Response To: Democracy is only a slogan (M. Asghar, Bangladesh)

Please don't pay any attention to such enemies of Islam and Muslims who are here to create a fight between Muslims, Jews and others. They are the Satanic people. Loves to fight.

Atheist Asghar and Lalaji-lalghei are risen back from their Graves. They are sticking to Muslims like Leeches. Since years they are harassing Muslims and abusing Islam.

They don't care about other most dangerous activities, they don't care about what is happening in U.S. millions of workers are treated like slaves, forcing them to work for free, Children are separated from Parents and thrown in the Cage etc. But these cowards aren't bothered about it.

These kufars don't give a damn about it, but only Muslims, which shows they are cowards, scared, and won't speak up against anyone else but only Muslims.

They are the gang members of Agakhani Imami Jihadi Zina Khan, whose harassment to us the converts to Islam after leaving the fake Imam's cult, is still on going.
Their hatred of Islam is clear by their Islamophobia.

One wonders who is directing them? Their Elephant god, Monkey god, or Black Stone god or the living god Agakhan? It has to be the living god as the Statue gods can't hear, speak, or see. They are disabled.

Let us educate them again as we have done it many times before.
Though, they won't understand it as they are guided by Satan-Lucifer.

Anybody declares to kill non-Muslims-non-Believers are themselves non-Believers. As they don't follow Islam or Islamic Sharia/law.
They are fake Muslims.

Just like the fake Imam and his followers are declared non-Muslims as they have rejected Islam, Allah and Quran.
Just by using the fake ID of Islam and Muslim one cannot become a Muslim but a liar, cheater, deceiver, and a fraudster-fake Muslim.

Even ISIS-Demons are fake Muslims, using the fake ID.
Reason is they love to kill and moreover create hatred against Islam and Muslims. They want to eliminate Islam, just like Agakhan wants to.

He has already eliminated Islam for his followers.
Now trying hard to remove it from the world by establishing 'One World Order' and one religion and he becomes the leader of the world.

Asghar, is a mental patient that is clear from his opinions. We Muslims don't hate all the Jews or just because they are Jews. We only hate those who are oppressors, like Hitler and killing them.

Majority of the Muslims are working with the Jews and Christians as human rights activists.
So Asghar stop your nonsense of spreading hatred. You won't win. As you are considered a mental patient like Zina Khan.
We know the treachery of you people.

It is easy to understand. It is not a Rocket Science.
Now go back in your Graves as you are not fit to be out in the world.

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