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Re: Secret Marriages
By:Rukhsana, Montreal
Date: Thursday, 17 January 2019, 11:38 pm
In Response To: Secret Marriages (Samia Ikram, Toronto)

One Italian female journalist accepted Islam after reading Quranic verses related to polygamy. She said whatever Islam sanctions is to protect woman as Europe is still reeling from demographic catastrophe especially more women since savage world wars. She says Islam respects and honors woman and hence makes it mandatory for man to take full responsibility of wives and any children out of wedlock in contrast to the whims of the western societies where woman are abused and shunned with zero accountability. A man having multiple girlfriends at same time or different times is no longer a taboo but polygamy sanctioned by Scriptures is against the law. SubhanAllah

The slogan of Bush administration was no child left behind. The slogan of Sahaba RA was no woman left behind as you can see from seerah of Prophet AS n Sahaba RA that whenever they found a widow or divorcee they used to rush to marry her not for the sake of pleasure but to provide protection to both woman and her children against predators.

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