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Mullahs are 'Hashratul Arz' earthworms
By:Ather Sunar, Jhelum
Date: Wednesday, 16 January 2019, 11:26 pm

Allama iqbal was a true muslim and he took Jinnah as a wakeel (vali), so also Peer Jama'at Ali Shah Qibla took Jinnah as wakeel(vali) and he was really a wakeel in indopak politics and steered they way very clearly and got Pakistan as the fruit of his sincerity and love for Muslims.

Allamah iqbal condemn the hashratul Arz, deobandi, wahabi, nadavi ihrari, qadiyani, maududi imams as "do rak'at ke imam', what is wrong in it?

How could you get consensus with qadiyanis when they bring a kazzab as a new nabi??

How could you get a consensus with deobandi, nadavi, ahlehadas and maududis when they take ismay'eel dehlavi as their 'shaheed' who tried to malign bey a'yb Allah with IMKAN-E-KIZB??


How could you have consensus with shias who do taqiyyah and mutta'ah and take their imams as infallible.
Are you in senses to seek consensus among them?

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Mullahs are 'Hashratul Arz' earthworms
Ather Sunar, Jhelum -- Wednesday, 16 January 2019, 11:26 pm
Re: Mullahs are 'Hashratul Arz' earthworms
Sidqi.ca -- Thursday, 17 January 2019, 1:20 am