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Re: God vs Stephen Hawking
By:jawaid ahmed
Date: Thursday, 10 January 2019, 8:48 am
In Response To: God vs Stephen Hawking (Hussein Lumumba Amin, Uganda)

Lawrence Krauss in his book A Universe from Nothing states that the universe was created from 'nothing' but 'nothing' is not the absence of everything!
Time and space make it a fact that there had to be zero mass, nothing, at zero time.
They are great at explaining what goes on when there was and is something, but no-one can answer what went on before.
The only explainable answer is that there had to exist 'something' that could 'exist' before 'existence' and which brought about existence: The X factor they do not like to call God but 'religion' has turned Him into a father christmas figure who cannot be believed by some minds that think.

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