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Marriage Contract
Date: Wednesday, 9 January 2019, 1:27 pm

A friend of mine was married without signing a marital contract, but the witnesses were present. Everything was done orally. Is this in compliance with the Qur’an?

I’m familiar with Surah 4: v 21

“And how could you take the marital gift back from her after you have lived intimately with each other and after she has taken from you a very solemn pledge of the marital contract?”

“Wa kaifa taakhuzoonahoo wa qad afdaa ba'dukum ilaa ba'dinw wa akhazna minkum meesaaqan ghaleezaa”

Thats the transliteration.

I’m still analyzing the verse, but one of the key words that’s standing out so far is “Meesaaqan”

Root “Waw-Th-Q”


That bears meaning: an agreement which is linked with swearing or promises...

I’m a non arabic speaking Muslim. I’m just trying to figure out which arabic word enforces the actual signing of the contract?

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Marriage Contract
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