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By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Sunday, 6 January 2019, 5:06 pm

The year was 1940. "Maulana" Muhammad Shafi Usmani (father of today's famous Mullah Muhammad Taqi Usmani), used to have much sway in "Darul Uloom" Deoband in UP, India. Shafi later on became the Mufti Azam of Pakistan.

Anyway, 1940 was the first 'experimental' use of Azan through a loud-speaker in India. People wanted a FATWA from Mullah Shafi.

Mufti Shafi sent for a Hindu science teacher of a middle school 50 miles away from Deoband. The teacher came and listened to AZAN on the loudspeaker. The teacher's verdict: "The loudspeaker was altering the original voice of the Mu'azzan." It became easy for Mullah Shafi to declare that AZAN on loudspeakers was HARAM :-)

A few years later, upon moving to Pakistan, Mufti Azam, Pakistan, "Maulana" Mufti Muhammad Shafi Usmani changed his verdict. By 1950s, all Masjids supervised by the Mufti had a plethora of loudspeakers! Soon, the Masjids were drumming up AZAN throughout Pakistan, India and in almost all so-called Islamic countries.
Insult upon injury: In the 1950s almost all Shi'ah & Sunni Masjids started loud ZIKR before and after FAJR NAMAZ - on loudspeakers. Loudly chanting "AllaHu" all night is not rare anymore. With total disregard of human rights, the Masjids were generating the noise pollution in their neighborhoods.

Were there people who were sick and badly needed a good sleep? Were their students engrossed in studies - preparing for exams? Would you call non-Muslims to the Mullah prayer? Did the women, mothers, children, workers, businesses need some rest? WHO CARES? Mullahs are the biggest violators of human rights.
Mufti Shafi was asked about these problems. His flat answer: "Allah's rights carry precedence over human rights."

IS THE LOUDSPEAKER NOT AGAINST THE SUNNAH? Did the exalted Prophet use loudspeakers?
Today, you raise voice against this frank violation of human rights in Pakistan, KSA, Iran or Afghanistan and there is a good chance that you will be cited by Muftis for BLASPHEMY and condemned to death. Can the government intervene? Nay, such official will be killed by a Mullah the next day!