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Re: Hiring Imams
By:Ahsan Syed, Phoenix
Date: Saturday, 5 January 2019, 11:33 pm
In Response To: Hiring Imams (Iftekhar A. Hai, California)

Alas, but is has a lot of loose ends.

They did not bring him from Egypt. He was hired from Detroit.
He was offered an exorbitant salary in spite of objection from some Board members because he promised to earn his own salary by fund raising.
I attended all his Khutbat in SF (Jones street). He spoke only in Arabic and tried to excite his audience by his firebrand (extremely noisy) speeches.
As promised, he did not raise any funds for the Masjid. When Masjid was unable to pay his salary, they wanted to get rid of him. By then he had a lot of followers who created a chaos every Friday.
Finally he was thrown out and immediately sued to Masjid and the Board. (He started his own Masjid just a few steps away from his previous one)
The State of California has a law that if you bring an employee from out of state and terminate him/her before the contract term, you pay him (two or three times the promised salary). Him and his fans knew the law and took advantage of it. The Masjid is still suffering from this mis-management.
The moral of the story is in our Masajid we have built-in situation such as this one i.e we have a Board of Directors who enjoy the total power and our Imams who are brought in as their subservient. In time these Imams who gain the support of part of its members and tried to wield this power against the Board and invariably we have a clash. The only successful Masajid are those where the Imams are left alone or who do not have permanent Imams.

My 3 cents,
Ahsan Syed

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