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Re: Namaz
Date: Friday, 28 December 2018, 8:41 am
In Response To: Namaz (Courtney )

Dear Courtney,


2:186 --- So, when My servants ask you about Me, surely, I am Near. I respond to the call of the caller whenever he calls unto Me. ------

[God’s response: A sincere caller will be shown the right direction. The caller may experience a change, feeling comforted and motivated. Du’a, as a Cause, may interact with countless Divine Laws in Nature to produce the Effect.--- ]

Yes, prayer can have good psychological benefits. However, as you know, the Quran is silent on the details and instruction of prayer. So you can pray how you like and find it easy, prayer does not need any formal method.
("Namaaz" with its formula e.g. Sajdah, Ruku' etc is only a cultural ritual and not a Quranic command.)

On the subject of prayer, dear brother Dawood has beautifully summed up the facts in the following link, you can also read the main post of that discussion by dear Dr. Shabbir that has explained prayer (Arabic: Du'a) perfectly too:


Best wishes

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