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Re: Namaz
By:Tahir Canada
Date: Friday, 28 December 2018, 4:47 am
In Response To: Re: Namaz (Courtney)

I used to do ritual namaz 5 times a day but could never convince myself that it is required by God. I would try my best to convince myself but there were so many questions.
Why God want me to follow 2-4-4-3-4 formula?
Why God wants me to do repeated actions?
Why God wants me to recite back to Him what He revealed to us for our guidance? etc. etc.
It started looking so primitive and pagan to me. I went for Umrah and in the very first round I started thinking why I am doing this and why God wants me to go around a stone building?

Then a relative asked me if I have become a follower of Parvez. That was first time I heard about him so I started searching about that great man on internet. During this search I end up finding our beacon and then my life changed. I started learning Arabic and finally came to a point when my eyes opened and I rejected all of N2I Islam.

When I started following Quran only I found no room for Muslim rituals. So I ended up freeing myself from rituals.

I found true meanings of ibadat in Quran. May Allah bless Parvez Sb and Dr. Shabbir for their writings that helped me understand true Islam. Brother Jawed has played an important role in getting out of the shackles of rituals for me.

It is really hard to reject rituals when we are raised with that brainwashing. But we must hold Quran and reject all N2I brainwashing.

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